Trivia: Parasite Eve 2

  • Genius Bonus: If you actually know what "Neoteny" means, a bit more of what the cult is trying to do makes sense. Well, as much sense as the intentions of a cult usually make. Neoteny is a term referring to an "adult" lifeform, showing traits from a younger form (the classic example being the axolotl; a species of salamander which retains the fins and gills which most other species of salamander lose after growing out of their larval stage). So basically, the cult is trying to "revert" humanity into more primitive forms in order to "reboot" humanities evolutionary process (somewhat ironic, given some researchers argue that a lot of the traits that set humans apart from other primates are neotenous).
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Well, he's not exactly known for voice acting, but Kyle was "voiced" by Alexander O Smith.