Trivia / Paranoia Agent

  • Bowdlerization: On the UK DVD, the episode "Happy Family Planning" (the eighth episode where an old man, a 20-something young man, and a little girl befriend each other and set out to commit suicide) was edited to remove the comic hanging sequence (where the trio's attempt at hanging themselves in the woods goes awry when the 20-something man slips off the rocks and strangles the old man, with the little girl following suit and bungeeing on the noose until the branch snaps and all three of them fall down a hill), as the UK still edits suicides from movies and TV shows on home media formats (even if it passes with an 18 rating, which this show did) out of fear that the suicide will still be imitated due to out-of-context playing and repeating of the part by more vulnerable/idiotic viewers.
  • Fan Nickname: Due to his actions in the series, Masami Hirukawa is often called "Lolicop."