Trivia / Paramore

  • Breakthrough Hit: "Misery Business"
  • Creator Breakdown: Narrowly averted; they canceled a series of concerts in February 2008 to deal with "personal issues" mostly stemming from, as with No Doubt in the 1990's, the rest of the band's resentment at the media focusing on Hayley Williams as the most important member of the groupnote . They seem to have gotten past this quite handily, and even lampshaded it in the lyrics to "Looking Up" from brand new eyes: "God knows the world doesn't need another band/But what a waste it would have been/I can't believe we almost hung it up/We're just getting started." Turns out it was only a temporary Aversion, as the Farros quit in December 2010.
  • Creator Couple: Hayley is married to Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, with the two bands regularly going on tour together and Hayley making guest appearances on NFG songs.
  • Dye Hard: Think of Hayley Williams and you'll probably think of the hair first. She's claimed that it's hard for her to remember what color her hair really is anymore. And it would only be logical that she would start developing her own line of hair dye.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Parawhores. May come from the meaning of the word ‘paramour’ (an illicit lover) which is pronounced the same as Paramore. The band seems to prefer "Parafamily" however, as that was the term used when the fandom was nominated at the 2015 AP Music Awards.
  • Follow the Leader: Any similar-style rock band with a female vocalist will inevitably get compared to Paramore, two examples being Versaemerge and Hey Monday. This even applies to bands like Damone, who were active before Paramore ever recorded an album. (The fact that Hayley's voice sounds remarkably similar to that of Damone frontwoman Noelle LeBlanc does not help matters.)
  • One of Us: Pretty obvious. Hayley is also a fan of Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty: World At War's Nazi Zombies. She's also a big fan of Superman, and Wrestling. The latter is also helped by her close friendship with CM Punk. Her Twitter profile proudly states that she's a member of the now-defunct *NSYNC fanclub and frequently gushes over them at any opportunity. She seemed liked she could barely contain her excitement when she got to meet Lance Bass at the SiriusXM studios.