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Trivia: Pandora's Tower
aka: Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
  • Bad Export for You:
    • After its release in America, some Game Breaking Bugs have been found, like the inability to go inside the 11th & 12th towers after the 13th tower has been opened. This doesn't happen in the Japanese, European or Australian versions. There's a way around this through the use of a Shard of Divinity.note 
    • For some players, the glitch may be triggered even before completing the affected towers, but it too has a solution.note 
  • Network to the Rescue: XSEED Games. Because of the publishing success of The Last Story (it's XSEED's best published game in its history), they went and got the North American publishing rights to Pandora's Tower, the final game in the original set of three games wanted by Operation Rainfall.
  • No Export for You: The game was one of the targets of Operation Rainfall, which sought a US release alongside The Last Story and Xenoblade. For a while, it seemed as though this game wasn't coming to America at all, but XSEED came through in the clutch.

alternative title(s): Pandoras Tower Until I Return To Your Side
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