Trivia / PAYDAY: The Heist

  • In PAYDAY: The Heist, you may find weird names on name plaques or the like. This was during Overkill's "Lucky 200" event where the first 200 people to show proof that they reached the max rep level of 145 would get their names in the game.
    • In a similar vein, the Counterfeit secret event resulted in two plaques on the walls of the secret vault that have the names of players that contributed to the event in some way.
  • Artist Disillusionment: Came very close on more than one occasion. When the secret in the first game was revealed, flame wars broke out and people also bashed Overkill for making the event too hard. Overkill responded by saying they may have to think about how they will interact with the community in the future, but everyone on both sides cooled off and everything was resolved.
  • Creator's Favorite: The Wolf character seems to be a big favorite among the developers. Compared to the background of the other characters (they're in the heists for the thrill and money) Wolf's background shows he snapped after his business went under and lost everything, causing him and his family to become homeless. The DLC heists also has Wolf as the only character with new lines while the other characters use lines from heists that were planned to be used, but became scrapped. Wolf is also voiced by one of the game developers, modeled after said developer, and has the character hailing from Sweden, just like the developer. When PAYDAY 2 was previewed to the public, Wolf was one of two characters used in the demo.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Players of the Payday series are called "Heisters."
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Hoxton is an Evil Brit who will yell at civilians at the top of his lungs while killing cops in cold blood and swearing at them in British profanity. Pete Gold, the voice actor behind British Hoxton, is very down to earth and actually tries to not swear in real life due to him having a child. Pete Gold, who wasn't called back by Overkill to voice Hoxton in the sequel, was actually surprised and humbled to hear that fans loved his take on old Hoxton so much that they created a petition to get him back for the role. Pete has even recorded several quick lines under the Hoxton persona for fans that requested it.
  • Working Title: "Stonecold" was the working title initially given to the game. The devs later considered "PAYDAY: Crime Wave" as the actual title, and finally settled on "PAYDAY: The Heist". Both "Stonecold" and "Crime Wave" were recycled as the names of songs in the soundtrack; specifically, the themes for Green Bridge and Slaughterhouse respectively.