Trivia: OutRun

  • Bad Export for You: The PS2 version of OutRun 2006 requires the cross-system connectivity with the PSP version to unlock some cars. However in Japanese version, all PSP unlockables are included in the Japanese PS2 version from the start
  • No Export for You: OutRun Online Arcade was also released for the PS3, but never made it to North America due to licensing issues- apparently, Microsoft's agreement with Ferrari in North America gives them some leverage for exclusivity on the Xbox 360, which may explain how the Ferrari DLC for Need for Speed Shift was Xbox 360 exclusive.
  • Port Overdosed: Man oh man are there are a lot of versions of Outrun. Every home computer of the 80s got it and Sega absolutely loves to re-release it. It is possibly the most widespread arcade game from the late 80s.