Trivia / Outlanders

  • Actor Allusion: Kahm is voiced (in Japanese) by Fumi Hirano. Easy to keep straight. Lum is a green-haired "horned" alien princess. Kahm is a green-haired "horny" alien princess.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The Emperor in the 2005 version of the OVA? That's Dan Green . Listen closely, and you'll also hear his 'wimpy' voice coming from several incidental characters.
    • Also Sean Schemmel as Tetsuya, many Dragon Ball fans will laugh at hearing Goku's voice saying "we're boned"
    • In the original Animaze dub, it was Tom Fahn (best known for Agumon) who was Tetsuya, while Sean Schemmel was Geobaldi.