Trivia / Othello

  • Race Lift: One 2015 performance in Stratford had Iago being played by a black actor, adding some fascinating new dimensions to his rants against Othello.
  • Real-Life Relative: In the 1995 film. Nathaniel Parker (Cassio) is the brother of director Oliver Parker and married in real life to Anna Patrick (Emilia).
  • Trope Namers:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Sidney Poitier might have helped his acting career by forestalling his Positive Discrimination backlash in the 1960s if he had accepted an offer to play the title character for a TV movie adaptation. Christopher Plummer would have served as his Iago (and later played the role on Broadway to much acclaim opposite James Earl Jones).
    • James Earl Jones was the director's first choice for the BBC's 1981 TV version, but the British actors' union objected strongly to casting an American in such a high-profile role. In the end, the part went to Anthony Hopkins, with the character presented as being of Arabic, rather than African, descent.