Trivia / Original War

  • What Could Have Been
    • The original premise of the game had the American expedition going back in time consist only of miners, geologists, scientists and hunters, with no professional soldiers for aid, and only basic equipment. In the past they would encounter a group of professional Russian soldiers sent to protect Soviet resources, forcing the expedition of civilians to learn how to fight as they struggled to survive against superior odds. An old concept piece is used as a background in the American campaign menu.
    • Time and Relative Dimensions in Space: In an earlier draft of the game, the reason everything sent through the time machine was scattered within a 15 mile radius was because the planners worried that the topography of the area had changed sufficiently in two million years that someone sent through might be not be teleported to a surface area. To counteract this, the time machine would have been mounted on a plane, which would circle the target area as tightly as possible, with everything sent through being equipped with parachutes. In the final version, the time machine simply sits on the ground and does not cause Telefrags, and the exact mechanics behind the seemingly random supply drops become a minor Unreveal to Hand Wave why you can research technology to predict the whens and the wheres of supply spawns.
    • The game contains graphics and codes of a primitive horse (Eohippus) but it isn't present in any game scenario.