Trivia / Orbital

  • Name's the Same: It's bad enough that Orbital and The Orb have such similar names, produce similar music and are even contemporaries. What's worse is that both groups (and William Orbit, to boot) have labeled their remixes as "Orbital Remix" in the past.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A pre-fame Alison Goldfrapp provides vocals on the Snivilisation and In Sides albums.
  • Teasing Creator: Orbital 2 was designed to briefly make fans think they'd bought a misprinted copy of the prior album: its cover art was a recolored version of the prior album's cover, and it opens with the same vocal sample as the prior album, which then starts looping. And when the first proper song starts, it's deliberately distorted and muffled, as if it were playing off a scratched LP—to make anyone who bought it on vinyl think that their brand new copy was somehow already scratched.