Trivia / Ocean's Eleven

  • Actor Allusion: Quite a few:
    What I want; what's most important to me is that Reuben gets his share of the hotel restored.
    • Also, the fact that Al Pacino muscles his partner out of a casino. Reuben fairs somewhat better than Moe Green.
    • Toulour's dance through the lasers is vaguely similar—and for the same purpose, stealing a priceless artifact—to what Catherine Zeta-Jones did in Entrapment
  • Actor Existence Failure: George Clooney is on the record as stating there will never be another Ocean's movie since Bernie Mac has died. (Not that another is needed, but still)
  • Acceptable Targets: "We're not doomed. He's one guy and he's French." In-Universe
  • All-Star Cast
  • The Cast Showoff: Vincent Cassel is a fantastic capoerista. So is François Toulour.
  • Dawson Casting: A possible example with Linus. His exact age is never stated, but he's clearly meant to be quite a bit younger than 30, which was Matt Damon's age at the time the first film was released.
  • Dueling-Stars Movie: In both the original Rat Pack and modern versions.
  • Fake Brit: American Don Cheadle as Cockney Basher Tarr. No audience member has yet been fooled.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Most of the cast admits they did Twelve just to have a nice overseas vacation.
  • Throw It In: The Running Gag of Rusty eating something during a scene came from Brad Pitt's penchant to eat close to shooting rather than on breaks, so Steven Soderbergh decided to just let him eat on-camera.
    • Don Cheadle covering his "special place" and turning it away as he sets off the EMP.