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Trivia: Nuttylamb
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Has largely averted this, at least when it concerns her Let's Plays. In general however, the trope is pretty much permanently in effect; Nuttylamb usually has various other projects running such as the Let's Make series and events related to World of E-Sports.
  • Fan Nickname: The glowing worms that appear in Limbo. She calls them "Dingally-dangallies" or "Squigly-wigglies".
  • Schedule Slip:
    • Happens trice to her Deus Ex playthrough. The first time was due to a vacation, during which she did her Batman: Arkham City playthrough, after which she intended to continue with Deus Ex. It was then put on hold because she was waiting for her capture card upgrade, which took a little longer to reach her than originally planned. Finally, she fell prey to a major sinus infection that got her into the hospital, again postponing the playthrough by two weeks.
    • Averted with all of her other playthroughs, where she keeps a mostly consistent updating schedule of 4-5 episodes a week.

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