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Trivia / North

  • Actor Allusion: The Amish couple is played by Alexander Godunov and Kelly McGillis, a reference to their roles in Witness.
  • All-Star Cast
  • Box Office Bomb: In addition to the scathing reviews including the Siskel & Ebert one, it had the misfortune of only earning $7,182,747 against a $40 million budget, being dwarfed by The Lion King, Forrest Gump, and Jim Carrey's own comedy The Mask (which was released the week after North and distributed by that movie's production company New Line Cinema), among others.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • The Perfect Child (Denmark)
    • Parents Wanted (Italy/Greece)
    • Home, Sweet Home (Israel)
    • The Guardian Angel (Brazil)
    • Talk About Mischief (Sweden)
  • Creator Killer: The career of Rob Reiner as a director has never recovered from this cinematic fiasco, which is pretty amazing considering his string of classics in the 1980s.
  • Doing It for the Art: Reiner wanted to create a touching, personal fable; his very own The Wizard of Oz. This would be one instance where it simply was not worth it.
  • Dueling Movies: North was this for two films: The Mask, which was distributed by the same company as North (New Line Cinema), and Color of Night, which has Bruce Willis as well. It of course lost its momentum to The Mask, but is essentially tied with Color of Night (which incidentally was done by Siskel & Ebert distributor Disney; it was released in the week where Disney's then-studio chief Jeffrey Katzenberg was Kicked Upstairs.)
  • Golden Raspberry Award: Nominated for six of them, at that.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: This movie's notoriety convinced Sony to try everything in its power to keep it from getting released on DVD. This meant that one had to rely on the VHS release and the occasional television broadcasts just to get their hands on the movie. After almost two decades, Sony finally relented to pleas from fans and released it on DVD as part of the Sony Pictures Choice Collection manufacture-on-demand line in 2012.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: As stated under Doing It for the Art, this was supposed to be Reiner's Spiritual Successor to The Wizard of Oz. It wasn't. To add insult to injury, many pointed out Reiner had already made such a movie several years earlier.
  • Star-Derailing Role: Jason Alexander never quite made a serious jump from Seinfeld to the big screen, and this movie, with his infamous "Loosen His Pants" line didn't help despite his limited screen time.

  • If his infamous rant didn't tip you off, this is one of the movies that Roger Ebert hated the most in his critical career, and maybe the movie he hated the most out of anything made in the 90's (maybe even the most hated period, alongside Freddy Got Fingered, which also boasts a zero star rating from him; zero stars was the lowest rating he handed out, and he only did so on movies that were not only absolutely terrible, but also offensive and insulting to him. Terrible movies that didn't offend him got either no stars or a half-star rating). Ebert's fellow movie reviewer Gene Siskel also hated it, calling it "First Class Junk" (both men called it the worst film of 1994 by a landslide, one of the few times they could agree on the worst movie of the year; most instances required a coin toss), and Ebert's second review partner Richard Roeper has also stated he considers North to be one of the worst films he's seen (he admitted he was unable to watch it from start to finish). The Siskel & Ebert review could very well have been the deciding factor in the film getting nominated for the Worst Picture Razzie of 1994 (which it lost to Color of Night, which also has Bruce Willis in it).