Trivia / Noli Me Tangere

  • Banned in China: Being labeled as subversive, the book was banned in the colonial Philippines. The Corrupt Church at that time did everything in their power to suppress its publication and distribution. It is no longer the case in recent times.
  • Missing Chapter: Chapter 25 of the novel (entitled Elias and Salome) was discarded by Rizal for being deemed irrelevant to the story. In it, Elias talks with his Star-Crossed Love Interest who only appears in that chapter. The manuscript was later found, and it is now being included in more recent editions of the novel, like in Philippine National Artist Virgilio S. Almario's Filipino-language translation.
  • School Study Media: The book and its sequel are required reading for High School students, and a course about the Author's life and works is a prerequisite in College
  • Streisand Effect: Naturally, the ban made more Filipinos much more interested about the book.
  • Write Who You Know: Most major characters in Noli Me Tangere (as well as El Filibusterismo) are based on people Rizal knew. Maria Clara was based on his fiancee Leonor Rivera, and Father Florentino was based on Father Leoncio Lopez, the parish priest of his hometown.