Trivia / Nippon Ichi

Events connecting the games. DLC and Video Game Remake often have references to games made later chronologically, leading to Continuity Drift.

Game Trivia

Marl Kingdom

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
  • Commoner Cornet rescues Prince Ferdinand from Vain Sorceress Marjoly and her minions; Gao the Wolf Girl, Crowdia the Crow Girl, and Mao the Cat Girl.
  • Etoile Rosenqueen is heir to a world-wide merchant family.

Little Princess: Marl Ukoku no Ningyou Hime 2
  • 12 years later, Kururu; Cornet and Ferdinand's daughter finds and falls in love with Cello; the son of a rival witch to Marjoly.

Tenshi no Present
  • 12 years again later, Kururu and Cello marry. Their child is Homard.
  • Through Time Travel; all of the heroes of Marl Kingdom band together to defeat the Demon Overlord of their world.
  • Introduction of the character Elly/Erie

La Pucelle
  • Prier gets involved in the eternal struggle between the Dark Prince and Maiden of Light; and changes it drastically.
  • Elly/Erie from Tenshi no Present appears as the Rosenqueen shopkeeper.
  • Prier kills one too many Demon Overlords in the Dark World and becomes one herself. Expanded in Ragnarok.
  • Homard goes on a quest to defeat Demon Lords threatening his father; and becomes a Sky Pirate. He meets and decides to wed Princess Eclair; who has an Enemy Without ("Dark Eclair") who she had fused with.
  • The Rosenqueen Trading company has taken capitalism to the extreme; and buys and sells with the Netherworld.
  • Baal is first seen as a Bonus Boss; curiously as only a Demon Lord. Prier could capture him if she's a Demon Overlord and sell him to slavery to the Netherworld, but he would quickly rise up the ranks to Overlord.
  • PSP remake La Pucelle: Ragnarok has the following:

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
  • Demon Prince Laharl wakes to find his netherworld in chaos because his father has died (killed by Baal, but this was hidden). He strives to become the next Demon Overlord of his Netherworld; he is "assisted" by his father's former vassal Etna. Angel Trainee Flonne comes to the Netherworld on orders to assassinate Laharl's father; but this was all part of a complex plot.
  • Etna herself has a little boy demon minion named Aramis who is obsessed with Zombies.
  • It is revealed that there is more than one Netherworld, and they are at constant war.
  • Laharl's Netherworld is close to a Zee Rust version of Earth where CAPTAIN GORDON, DEFENDER OF EARTH is sent to defeat him; he gets enslaved by Laharl instead. Gordon's Rival Turned Evil, Kurtis; challenges them but after a Heel–Face Turn dies heroically. He does, however, return as a Divine Prinny to do good deeds to pay off his karmic death; he heads back to Heaven after he is done but....
  • Laharl becomes Overlord, Flonne becomes the multiverse's happiest Fallen Angel (and still Love Freak), and Laharl's father; disguised as a Camp Gay figure named Vyers/Mid-Boss, accomplishes his objectives and heads to the afterlife...until the next game.
  • Plenair introduces you to the Dark Assembly.
  • Marjoly from Marl Kingdom is a Bonus Boss and Optional Party Member and is described as "the most powerful witch in the Galaxy."
  • Demon Overlord Prier is also an Bonus Boss and Optional Party Member.
  • Baal is now a Supreme Overlord; and threatens multiple Netherworlds at once as a legendary Bonus Boss. Killing him only turns him into a Prinny.
  • Etna makes an offhand joke about "Pringer X"; a robotic monster Prinny.
  • The Prism Rangers; knockoffs of the Power Rangers; harass the party.
  • The Etoile is the strongest type of gun, obtainable only by stealing from the Item God of a Legendary Second Best Gun.
  • The Yoshitsuna, named after the head writer, is the strongest sword in the game, again to be stolen from an Item God in the second-best Sword.
  • PSP Videogame Remake Only:

Phantom Brave
  • A human girl named Marona has the power to summon Phantoms of the dead. Her best friend is a young man named Ash who was killed alongside her parents; but they raised him as a Phantom so that she would not be alone. Despite her world of Ivoire not trusting her; she eventually defeats a demonic monster called Sulphur and gains everyone's trust.
  • Plenair is seen in the background in the city of Monetopia.
  • Marona befriends a Littlest Cancer Patient named Castille; who finds a way to communicate with forest creatures called "Puttys" who can open portals to other worlds.
  • Castille has a Usagi doll among her other stuffed animals.
  • Marona has a rival named "Walnut" who steals jobs from others. Walnut uses his special Burgundy power to push himself and Sulphur into a portal into the Void Between The Worlds and have the Puttys shut it behind him.
  • Despite this sacrifice, Sulphur returns at full power as a Bonus Boss due to Lujei.
  • Laharl, Etna, and Flonne from all appear as Bonus Bosses. After Laharl continually picks fights with Marona and Level Grinding when he doesn't win, Ash decides to pretend that Laharl beat them. To look over "his new Vassals", Laharl and co leave Phantom Copies of themselves.
  • Vyers from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness also appears as a Bonus Boss. He also tests Marona, and also leaves her a Phantom copy of himself.
  • Nyao; from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is a Bonus Boss and Optional Party Member. She actually uses her powers to turn herself into a Phantom, so she is not a copy.
  • Baal has taken the form of a Funguy; but is defeated as a Bonus Boss. He is also an Optional Party Member, though his joining Marona's party is portrayed as sinister.
  • Pringer X, a character from one of Etna's end-of-chapter goofball stories, is a Bonus Boss.
  • The Wii Videogame Remake subtitled We Meet Again adds the following

Makai Kingdom
  • Zetta, "the most Badass Freakin (Demon) Overlord In The Cosmos", has to take the form of the book that holds his universe together when he destroys it. This is just as Demon Overlord Pram planned. Other Overlords of other Netherworlds interact to see if they can benefit from the situation. While it is possible to recover Zetta's body, he's still a book in later cameos until Disgaea 4.
  • Zetta is the Maijin class from Disgaea.
  • Dark Lord Valvolga is mentioned as being used as a Final or Ultimate Boss in other games.
  • Castille from Phantom Brave, now able to walk, is journeying with Marona to find the soul of Walnut who they suppose is dead. A bad encounter with Zetta leaves her stranded as one of his vassals.
  • Asagi, the supposed heroine of "Makai Wars", the "next Nippon Ichi game (not)" is defeated by Zetta and he prevents her game from ever being made.
  • Laharl, Etna, and Flonne are Bonus Bosses and Optional Party Members. They are hunting Baal; if they find Baal in Zetta's old body, they actually destroy it. This is apparently not canon.
  • Baal is revealed to be as old as the universe, and whenever one body dies, he just possesses another. Since Zetta's body didn't have a soul in it, it was easy to possess.
  • One of the classes available is "Combat Chef". We'll see this class again in Disgaea 3's Mr. Champloo.
  • The Yoshitsuna is an airplane driven by the Prinny form of Baal.
  • The PSP port has an alternate storyline starring a new girl named Petta who claims to be Zetta's Kid from the Future.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

  • Demon Hunter Adell is not the last human on Veldime; Demon Overlord Zenon not has cursed the humans into becoming demons. Through a summoning ritual gone wrong not, Adell summons the haughty and busty daughter of Zenon not, Rozalin and she leads him to Zenon. Yes.
  • Adell is helped by cute ninja demon girl Yukimaru, Rozalin's servant turned frog Tink, and Adell's own brother and sister Taro and Hanako (who have been demons all their life and don't mind, but want to help Adell out.) And then there's Etna from Disgaea, who has had a falling out with Laharl over food and wants to become a Demon Overlord herself. She thinks killing Zenon will be just the ticket.
  • Laharl appears and interferes with their quest, but complications with Zenon sends him running for the hills. He and Flonne are later Bonus Bosses and Optional Party Members.
  • Adell and Rozalin deal with Zenon and everyone starts turning human. Since Hanako didn't want to be human, she leaves with Etna to become a Demon Lord.
  • The demon Dark Hero Axel messes around with Adell as a washout at first; but eventually recovers his past glory.
  • Pleinair is a newscaster for the Netherworlds; along with her companion Usagi the Rabbit. Their programming also includes sections from Alex and Pram.
  • The Prism Rangers return.
  • Zetta is a Bonus Boss, still in Book Form, still being messed with by Pram.
  • Demon Overlord Priere is an Bonus Boss, and a continuing encounter in the Dark World if her proposal for blood is passed by the Dark Assembly. Beating her the first time only causes her to powerup, but she flees when she sees Rozalin's seal.
  • Marjoly is a Bonus Boss, but is under a curse where she cannot speak. She didn't speak in Disgaea either, but after losing to Adell and Rozalin, the curse starts to become broken.
  • Baal is encountered multiple times, and there is more than one of him.
  • The Yoshitsuna is again the most powerful sword and is gained from an Item God from the second most powerful sword in the Land of Carnage. The Etoile gun also makes a reappearance.
  • Asagi is a Bonus Boss, and is still mad at Zetta for ruining her chance at having her own game.
  • Gordon and Prinny Kurtis are struggling against Earth's attempts to mass-produce Defenders of Earth as robots based on Kurtis's old human self. Naturally, A.I. Is a Crapshoot.
  • Several of the Demon Overlords from Makai Kingdom are summoned in the animations for the most powerful elemental spells.
  • PSP Video Game Remake Dark Hero Days

  • A magic school has a new witch student going through a "Groundhog Day" Loop to stop a Devil King and a Dark Mage Lord from reviving. What's important to other Nippon Ichi games, though, is that the Ghost Witch Lujei Piche escapes from the magical authorities by fleeing into the Void Between the Worlds.

Soul Nomad & the World Eaters
  • A young girl (or man, if that's what you choose the gender as) named Revya in later references is entrusted with a sword containing the soul of The Grim Reaper who once tried to conquer the world of Prodesto with servant monsters called World Eaters. Unlike most Grim Reaper; Gig is very, very loud and obnoxious and awesome. Should Revya not fall into temptation, though, Gig becomes somewhat of an earnest ally, though still obnoxious. Revya uses Gig's power to defeat the World Eaters and the beings that corrupted Gig in the first place.
  • The hero Endorph is revealed to actually be Walnut from Phantom Brave. After falling into the Void Between the Worlds with Sulphur, they are both rescued by Lujei Piche from GrimGrimoire, who sends Sulphur back to Ivoire (that's why he's a Bonus Boss in that game too) and sends Walnut to Prodesto because it has enough healing magic to help him recover.
  • Should one engage in Level Grinding enough to beat the first World Eater without Gig's help, it breaks reality and Asagi appears. The battle with her nukes Prodesto, and only a New Game+ can restore things.
  • Should one decide to turn absolute Evil and follow the Demon Path, if you call yourself "the Overlord" Laharl will telepathically complain at you and make you pick the first name choice, the Devourlord.

Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?
  • A side-scroller following the Alternate Ending to Disgaea 1 where Etna is the ruler of the Netherworld and Laharl is a Prinny. The hero(s) is/are a group of 1000 Prinnies who each die in 3 hits; but whenever one dies; the next takes up the Scarf Of Ass Kicking. Said Prinnies are tasked with finding the Ultra Dessert.
  • Many of the minor monsters, especially the food oriented ones, come from Makai Kingdom. Others are monsters from various Disgaea games released up to that point.
  • Aramis is the Tutorial Manager, and fights on Etna's side when she's the Bonus Boss.
  • Baal is a Bonus Boss in Prinny form.
  • Asagi is a Bonus Boss, she eventually dies and reincarnates as a Prinny. (She becomes human again in Prinny 2)
    • Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero DLC content.''
    • Flonne's tower.
    • Phantom Island from Phantom Brave
    • Lil Asagi Comes Home.
  • The sequel Prinny 2: Dawn Of Operation Panties, Dood is more of the same. Just switch "Ultra Dessert" with "Etna's panties" and you've pretty much got the plot. Asagi returns in her own story, Priere and Tyrant Baal appear as Bonus Bosses, and there is a DLC battle with Pram. Oh, and Yoshitsuna appears as a giant space battleship.

Hayarigami A Survival Horror game about a policeman named Kogure who is terrified of the supernatural; but uses logic and reasoning to try and stand in the face of the paranormal.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

  • School of Evil Honor Student Mao tries to surpass his father, the Dean of the School of Evil and Demon Overlord for their dimension. His Rival is the goody-two shoes Demon Delinquent Raspberyl. Humans Almaz the wannabe hero and the Psychotic Princess Sapphire attempt to kill the demons before they do anything dastardly. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Home Ec Teacher Mr. Champloo is Combat Chef class from Makai Kingdom.
  • Dark Hero Axel from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories can be found as a Bonus Boss and recruited as an Optional Party Member. He is also in the Item World and provides commentary in Mao's bad ending.
  • Marona from Phantom Brave is an Optional Party Member. She says that Baal stole her "childlike sense of innocence".
  • Naturally Laharl, Etna, and Flonne are trying to pull a Hostile Show Takeover. They are both Bonus Bosses and Optional Party Members.
  • Baal is once again a Bonus Boss...but in a rather different form.
  • And the Prism Rangers are students at the School of Evil.
  • Yoshitsuna is the name of the strongest pirate ship. It's also the name of the sword, although it's only the second-highest ranked sword. (The highest ranked sword is the Baal Sword.)
  • Disgaea 3 DLC Optional Party Members: After the plot, the School of Evil is looking for teachers. Not everyone qualifies, the rest become students.
  • Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention adds the following:
    • Four additional scenarios, including one that stars two all new characters from another Academy: Rutile and Stella Grossular.
    • Fuka and Desco.
      • Desco is hired as a teacher right away, but insists her and Fuka are a two-for-one deal. They split a salary.

Zettai Hero Project
  • The evil Darkdeath Evilman threatens to destroy the world! The heroic Unlosing Ranger attempts to stop him...only to get run over by a car. Fortunately he finds a replacement. Unfortunately his replacement sucks and has to undergo training from the World Hero Society...and lots of it.
  • The usual suspects, Laharl, Etna, Flonne and Asagi, all appear as cameos and Bonus Bosses. However, they merely become alternate costumes for the Unlosing Ranger when they're beaten. In addition, several other anime characters make similar appearances in the game; please see the article itself for more info.
  • The most powerful Bonus Boss is surprisingly Valvoga from Makai Kingdom (in his original monster form, no less). The World Hero Society was apparently created just to defeat him. He changed his class title from Dark Lord to Demon God, and his description states that he has taken over the position of strongest boss from Baal. At least, in that universe.

ClaDun: This is an RPG
  • Asagi appears here as an Optional Party Member, eager to use the mechanic found in this game that can make anyone a main character. However, she is accosted by several duplicates of herself, prompting the other characters to try and find out which Asagi is the real one. Eventually the clones combine into a giant monster, which is eventually beaten. Oddly, once Asagi fully becomes the main character she starts...glitching.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten
  • Valvatorez, a vampire once known as a Tyrant, is now a Prinny Instructor in the Netherworld's prison Hades. When events prevent him from keeping a promise, he begins a rebellion against the Netherworld's corrupternment, along with his devoted servant Fenrich. Hilarity Ensues with "Unprinny" Fuka Kazamatsuri, the Netherworld President's son Emizel, Final Boss wannabe Desco, and Vulcanus the Angel of Avarice aka Artina.
  • Axel is the warden of Hades later President of the Netherworld. He appears as a Recurring Boss and becomes an Optional Party Member.
  • Flonne, now an Archangel, plays a role in the plot as Artina's superior; her goal is to build a Humongous Mecha. She becomes a Bonus Boss and Optional Party Member.
  • Yoshitsuna is still the second-highest ranked sword.
  • Remaining Bonus Bosses and Optional Party Members include Raspberyl, Etna, Laharl, Asagi (without an HD sprite), Prinny Kurtis, and humanoid Zetta. Pringer X is the final Bonus Boss.
    • The post-game story is about a strange phenomenon that causes other characters to gain the title of President and forces everyone else to obey them. Axel gets fans, Flonne spreads her message of love, Raspberyl makes demons do volunteer work, Etna makes everyone admire her nice body, and Laharl didn't affect anyone but still had the title of President. It turned out the whole thing was caused by Asagi, who wished to be the main character.
    • Prinny Kurtis is challenged by Valvatorez and is forced into the party because he isn't acting like a proper Prinny.
    • Zetta is looking for a good fight, and finds one in Valvatorez.
    • Valvatorez challenges Pringer X because he also isn't acting like a proper Prinny.
  • The story for most of the DLC characters is that they are interviewees for Valvatorez's party - political party that is. They are:
    • Fallen Angel Flonne (no story).
    • Asagi NT, Asagi with an HD sprite. Her appearance suggests she shares memories with the other Asagi. Despite appearing separately in cut scenes, a bill must be passed to turn normal Asagi into Asagi NT.
    • Adell and Rozalin
      • Adell is out of a job from being too effective a demon-hunter and is trying to get money for his family and Rozalin. He's hired as a tax collector in order to finance support of demon families.
      • Rozalin is trying to buy a bigger house for Adell (though she insists it's for his family, who she lives with). She's hired as an educator of social etiquette.
      • The main cast is convinced the two are married.
    • Mao
      • He's trying to join the party so he can fix up (experiment on) other demons. He's particularly interested in Artificial Demon Desco, but is quickly sent flying by the other girls. Despite this, he joins as a Netherscience Researcher.
      • It turns out his Getter Mao ship is powered by Super Hero Aurum.
    • Overlord Priere
      • Isn't interested in a position. Fights the party, but joins when she learns Valvatorez used to be a Tyrant.
    • Pink
      • Actually appears in the main game in a cameo appearence as a Slumber Cat.
      • However when she appears as DLC, she is now a Death Saber. She explains she was captured by the corrupternment and forced to reincarnate as a Slumber Cat. Axel turned her back into her original form after the events of the game.
      • She wasn't initially interested in a position because she wanted to see Axel and return home. When she learns Axel is staying she tries to join the party, thinking it's an Axel fan club. She joins as Axel's manager.
    • Prism Red
      • Applied to recruit more Prism Rangers. Really he just wanted friends. The main characters (except Fenrich) decide to become his friends.
    • Pleinair
      • Appears in the main game's overworld as the Cam-pain Manager.
      • As DLC, she applies to join the party. Fenrich states her credentials, which are Continuity Nods to her previous appearances. She joins as an Honorary Member (Mascot Girl), in part because Fenrich was worried about her large fanbase (in Japan). Unfortunately, he gets mistaken for a fan and is accepted into the Miss Pleinair Fan Club.
    • Main Hero B
      • Axel prevents him from giving out his real name, though he doesn't mind living his life as an alias. Applies to become a Prinny Instructor because he wants to train under Valvatorez, which makes Fenrich jealous. It's revealed he's really a thrill-seeking masochist and is allowed to join as a punching bag.
    • Gig
      • Called by Fenrich, but is more interested in fighting than applying. Desco quickly develops an admiration for him and makes him her teacher.
      • Some centuries ago, a robotic version of World Eater Feinne was built as Gig's ship. Gig attempts to destroy the Netherworld with it, but it's quickly reprogrammed by Fuka's father to follow only Fuka. He then pacifies Gig with hotpods.
    • Kyoko and Asuka
      • Applied because they want to be with Raspberyl. Eventually allowed to stay as students on a field trip.
    • Petta
      • Applies because she wants to study politics and economics in order to become a Senator and help her father govern the Netherworld.
      • If Zetta is in the party, he allows her to stay for training, but under difficult conditions...such as mandatory snack time and two hours of naps.
    • Nisa
      • Mistakenly attacks Valvatorez's party, thinking he's holding Fuka and Artina hostage. It's revealed Fenrich had offered her a position as a Heroine of Justice to bring peace to the Netherworld.
    • Pram
      • During her interview, she makes bad predictions for Fuka, Desco, and Artina. Valvatorez convinces them to believe her predictions by invoking Prophecy Twist, which fulfills another of Pram's predictions. Pram joins as an exclusive Oracle, while musing that the cast will become her new toys...
    • Ash and Marona
      • Marona applies to become stronger and protect more people. Immediately convinces Valvatorez when she announces she can eat anything, including sardines (his Trademark Favorite Food). She joins as a Sardine Coordinator, to teach all demons the value of sardines.
      • Ash appears by confining himself to a sardine, which disappoints Valvatorez (who thought a sardine was applying). He applied because he wants to get stronger. Valvatorez decides to train Ash in order for him to obtain the real power of sardines.
      • It becomes apparent Ash and Marona were becoming stronger for the sake of each other. This will chronologically be the first time they are together since Makai Kingdom separated them.
    • Pirohiko
      • Applies to spread the influence of the World Hero Society. Ultimately joins without permission...not that Valvatorez minds.
    • King Krichevskoy
      • Having abandoned the Mid-Boss persona, he starts a tournament to determine the new Overlord. After being beaten, he admits to Valvatorez that he held the tournament to find a good leader for the Netherworld. Valvatorez turns down the position and insists that Krichevskoy should join their party if he cares about the Netherworld so much. Afterward, Valvatorez asks about the bonus prize of a thousand-year supply of sardines. It turns out that was a trick by Artina, who wanted the tournament's prize money.
    • Although not unique characters, the Medic and Necromancer get unique cutscenes.
      • The Medic applied to level up her skills, having previously worked as a specialist with combat experience. She joins because the others don't want to see her cry.
      • The Necromancer applies and joins out of her own amusement.
    • A Bonus Boss battle against Baal
      • Fenrich invites him to show off Valvatorez's powers. After being beaten, Valvatorez hires Baal as a Battle Instructor - and strangely, Baal seems to approve of it.
    • Two downloadable story modes. One is about Valvatorez's days as a Tyrant, and includes Tyrant Valvatorez as an unlockable character (separate from regular Valvatorez, like Fallen Angel Flonne). The other is about Fuka and Desco and unlocks the boss characters Hugo, Des X, and Nemo.
  • Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited adds the following:

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
  • A direct sequel to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, where Laharl, Etna, and Flonne get into more shenanigans. New characters include the Krichevskoy Group, Barbara, Xenolith, and Sicily, an angel who claims to be Laharl's sister. Word of God says it's set before Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
  • Yoshitsuna is again the second-highest ranked sword.
  • Optional Party Members include:
    • Asagi, who isn't trying to pull a Hostile Show Takeover but is trying to be an Idol Singer instead.
    • Porkmeister, the Ascended Extra son of Hoggmeiser from the original Disgaea. He wants to be Laharl's apprentince...since he has ambitions of becoming an Overlord himself.
    • Axel, who is also trying to become an Idol Singer.
    • Emizel, Artina, Valvatorez, and Fenrich.
      • Emizel was transported to the past in a quantum distortion, and is forced into Laharl's party while being treated like a Prinny.
      • Artina traveled back in time to get money owed from Hoggmeiser that he couldn't pay in the future. She attempts to kidnap Porkmeister to do this and ironically gets a scolding from Flonne.
      • Val and Fenrich are from before the events of their game. Laharl visits them after hearing rumors (spread by Fenrich) about Val's power. Laharl decides to take Valvatorez as a Prinnysitter, and Fenrich joins as a Valvatorezsitter.
    • Petta, who is looking for her father.
    • Darkdeath Evilman, Pringer X and Baal appear as Bonus Bosses, though Baal was added in a patch.
      • Darkdeath Evilman was summoned by the Krichevskoy Group to test Laharl.
      • Pringer X was the source of an incident involving oddly silent Prinnies. According to Etna, Prinnies dedicated to fighting lose themselves and combine to form Pringer X.
      • Baal comes back to challenge Laharl once again.
  • The DLC plot is that dimensional distortions are bringing in characters from across time and space...and Laharl thinks they're gunning for his position. Characters include:
    • Fuka and Desco, who are summoned by a bill in the Dark Assembly. Fuka still thinks it's a dream, but decides to try and take over the Netherworld with Desco.
    • Adell and Rozalin, who both arrive from the future.
      • Adell looks for a rare kind of candy for his siblings, much to the displeasure of Laharl. Afterward he joins the party when Sicily offers to make this candy for him.
      • Rozalin recognizes Laharl and company, but Laharl think it's a trick and attacks. Afterward, Rozalin introduces herself as the Overlord's daughter...neglecting to mention said Overlord was Zenon. The characters start wondering if Rozalin is Krichevskoy's daughter...and then Flonne worries that she's actually Laharl's daughter and proceeds to drag her back to the Overlord's castle.
    • Liliel, who Laharl mistakes for a demon trying to become the Overlord. After that misunderstanding, they bring her back to the castle.
    • Raspberyl, Mao, and Salvatore.
      • Raspberyl is looking for donations. Laharl eventually is made to donate...but he insists that Raspberyl Work Off the Debt.
      • Mao wants to use Laharl's group for experiments. He's defeated and Laharl makes him his vassal.
      • Salvatore gives impossible orders to a Prinny on pain of death, which causes Sicily to intervene. At the last moment, Sicily is saved by Barbara, who then fulfills one of Salvatore's impossible orders. Salvatore then insists on ordering Barbara around more, prompting her to join Laharl's party.
    • Zetta, Pram, and Alexander.
      • Zetta arrives frantically searching for Petta. Afterward, he's reunited with Petta, but Laharl threatens to tarnish his image and blackmails him into his party.
      • Pram challenges Laharl to a fight. Afterward, she says that Laharl will eventually become the Overlord of all Netherworlds prompting Laharl to make her his vassal. Of course, the story is fake, and what she really wants to do is mess with Laharl for awhile.
      • Before they meet Alexander, Sicily talks about a story she heard where a Lightning God steals exposed belly buttons. The characters then mistake Alex for said Lightning God. Afterward Alex insists on following Laharl around to find the source of his power...but he also gets the reputation of being a belly button bandit.
    • Ash and Marona
      • The party went to Agul Eviland looking for the demon after the throne. Etna spooks Sicily with some ghost stories about the place...causing the party to mistake a lost Ash for an evil ghost. After defeating Ash, they apologize for the mistake and Flonne and Sicily lead him out of the area. Laharl runs after them when he wonders if Ash is actually the demon he was looking for.
      • Marona was hired to assassinate Etna, but she wanted to meet Etna first to see what she was like. Upon hearing the unflattering description she was given by Marona's client, Etna attacks Marona to learn the client's identity. After Marona is defeated she reveals enough details to indicate that a Prinny hired her. Laharl forces Marona to replace the Prinny as Etna's vassal, causing Etna to complain.
    • Metallia, who arrives after creating a smelly swamp in the Netherworld. When the party insults the swamp she fights them. After she is defeated, Etna and Larharl opt to burn the swamp, but Meteallia claims that without it she'll vanish from the Netherworld. Flonne insists that Mettalia isn't really a bad person and makes her join the party, before she and Sicily go to get rid of the stench with some bathroom air fresheners...much to Mettalia's displeasure
    • Eclair, Prier, and Overlord Prier
      • When Eclair escapes from her castle, she unknowingly ends up in the Netherworld and mistakes Laharl's group for soldiers trying to bring her back home. Laharl then mistakes Eclair for someone trying to claim his throne. After the battle, Eclair is shocked when she learns the truth. Etna then offers to help Eclair, surprising the others. What they don't know is that Etna plans on ransoming Eclair as a hostage.
      • The party encounters Prier attacking demons. When Laharl and company confront her, she insists that she's saving their souls. She's reluctant to fight the group because she thinks they're children. After the battle, Prier explains that she's trying to become the Maiden of Light, which is kind of like an angel. The others explain that fighting demons is the wrong way to do it, causing Prier to blame a person from her world (Father Salade) for tricking her. She then gets hungry, prompting Sicily to offer Prier a meal.
      • Overlord Prier encounters Laharl's group, and demands to know where she is and how to get home. Although Flonne and Sicily are willing to help, Laharl thinks she's an enemy, prompting a fight. Afterwards, Prier claims she became a demon to save someone from her world (Croix), and asks Laharl to take her as an apprentice so she can become stronger.
    • Nisa, who competes with Etna in some kind of contest. Etna believes it's a cute girl contest, while Nisa believes it's a hero of justice contest. It turns to be a flat chest contest, causing both Etna and Nisa to team up and attack the announcer.
    • Gig, who arrives at the Netherworld looking for slaves to amuse him. Even after being beaten, it's evident that isn't using his full power. He then tries to destroy the other characters. Laharl tries to get him to stop by offering him strong demons to fight, but Sicily convinces Gig to join the party by offering food.
    • Plume, who takes appears in the castle of Grosso from the Krichevskoy Group. (In fact, she appears in his bedroom.) Thinking it's her own castle, she takes it over, prompting Grosso ask Laharl for help. After the battle, she asks if she can stay at Grosso's castle until she gets home. Grosso emphatically denies her request, but with some prodding from Flonne and Sicily, she takes Plume to a better castle: Laharl's.

The Guided Fate Paradox
  • An unlucky high school student named Renya Kagurazaka is urged by a cosplay maid at the local mall to try his luck at the lottery machine she's promoting. For the first time in his life, he wins and receives the grand prize — he gets to be God. Said maid, Liliel Saotome, is actually an angel and brings him to Celestia to meet her senior angels and grant wishes to all who believe in God. Said believers include humans, angels, fairy tale characters, zombies, and mermaids.
  • Cameo characters include Pirohiko, Laharl, Axel, Raspberyl, Valvatorez, Nisa, and Asagi.
    • The Yoshitsuna once again appears as a battleship. It is actually equipped as a Leg part.
  • The sequel, The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, only has cameos from the previous well as Haruhi Suzumiya and Shana.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight
  • In the land of Medea, Metallia, the Swamp Witch, wants to defeat the Forest Witch and spread her swamp. To do this, she summons the Hundred Knight, a legendary creature that possesses untold power. Turns out to be a tiny little creature, but slowly proves to be powerful in his own right.
  • This is Nippon Ichi's first Video Game 3D Leap.
  • There are no cameo characters at all compared to previous games.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance
  • Demon Emperor Void Dark sends his army, "The Lost" to conquer every Netherworld in existence. Several Overlords do not like this, and end up forming an army to fight The Lost. These Overlords include the mysterious fighter Killia, the spoiled rich girl Seraphina, the boisterous bruiser Red Magnus, the clairvoyant tactician Christo, the cursed bunny-girl Usalia, and the martial arist Zeroken.
  • The ending of the game implies that it takes place before the first Disgaea game, and that Christo is actually a younger Seraph Lamington. This is unconfirmed, and requires ignoring the DLC.
  • The Yoshitsuna is now only the fourth-highest ranked sword, as there are three swords tied for the top spot.
  • The post-game is remarkably sparse. Three of the Optional Party Members are Void Dark and his Co-Dragons. The fourth is Asagi.
    • The main characters enter a Netherworld and find three Asagis arguing over which Asagi is real. The Asagis then decide the main characters are also trying to be Asagi and send an army of one-hundred Asagis against them. At the very end, the last Asagi is defeated by the real Asagi, who explains that the Netherworld she was at copies people. Asagi then joins the party and amazingly comes off as more reasonable than the rest of the cast. Guess that Character Development stuck...
    • There is a subplot where the Carnage Dimension - Disgaea 5's version of the Land of Carnage post-game mode - tries to destroy the Netherworld.
  • Bonus Bosses include a black Palette Swap of Darkdeath Evilman called Proto Darkdeath. The other Bonus Boss is Baal, added in a patch.
  • The DLC does not have an over-arching plot. Instead there are a number of mini-scenarios.
    • Characters without a scenario include Girl Laharl, Plenair, Mettalia, and Nisa.
    • The scenario for the Disgaea: Hour of Darkness trio (plus Sicily) starts with Killia finding Laharl and Etna fighting demons. It turns out they were the ones being attacked. Killia takes them to his pocket Netherworld home base, and Laharl drives it to his castle. Once there, they find Flonne and Sicily, who fight to keep them out of the castle. Turns out they were preparing for Laharl's birthday party.
    • The Disgaea 4 cast gets two scenarios.
      • The first has Valvatorez and Fenrich try to take some Prinnies in order to re-educate them. (Valvatorez refers to it as the Zettai Prinny Project.) Meanwhile, Artina steals the Prinnies' sardine curry. Killia fights them to stop the whole thing.
      • The second has Desco and Emizel trying to solve Fuka's strange problem where she won't eat any sweets. Desco believes that Fuka is in love with Killia, who she passed by some time ago. In fact, Fuka was worried about gaining weight, and was wondering why Killia was so thin.
    • Mao, Raspberyl and Salvatore are taking a field trip. Killia has to deal with their antics. In another scenario, Almaz and Sapphire are having a violent lover's spat. It turns out to be over what kind of peanut butter is better.
    • Axel hosts a martial arts tournament, and Killia and Adell enter while Rozalin watches. Killia and Adell make to the semi-finals where they fight Rozalin - Axel had promised to pay her if she tried to stop Adell from winning. Both Adell and Killia defeat Rozalin and move on to fight Axel. Amazingly, Axel is able to get up from their attacks, and both Killia and Adell surrender to him!
    • Pram predicts to Petta that something bad will happen if Zetta meets Killia. Petta goes after Killia to stop the prophecy from coming true. Then, Zetta goes after Killia when he hears about Pram's prediction. Then multiple time duplicates of Petta pop-up to protect Zetta. Pram is amused by the whole thing.
    • Overlord Priere is once again looking for strong opponents. She admits to Killia that she tried to get stronger to protect what she cared about, but failed to do so. She believes that power is the only reason she has to exist now. She collapses after her fight with Killia, who takes her back to his base to recover.

Anime Trivia

Misc Trivia

  • Talking To Herself: Almost inevitable with Kaori Mizuhashi always providing the voice of a main character and Laharl in all of his cameos.
  • Vaporware: Makai Wars, the often alluded to game that Asagi was supposed to be the star of. It was originally slated to be released in 2005 and would have been Nippon Ichi's first PSP game. It was put on hold (With Makai Kingdom taking its place that year) with Nippon Ichi announcing that Makai Wars was going to be released on the PlayStation 3 a couple of years later until the project was cancelled. The success of Asagi's fan club and the Makai Wars live concert has renewed Nippon Ichi's motivation to give Asagi her own game, leading to the announcement of Makai Wars for the company's 25th anniversary, though as a Mobile Phone Game rather than on a console or handheld. They have gone on record saying they would like to also produce the game for Playstation, but aren't sure they can just yet.
  • What Could Have Been: A promo image for Makai Wars showed silhouettes for several now familiar monster types in later Nippon Ichi games. With Makai Wars' cancellation, they eventually became the Orc, Mystic Beast, and Skeletal Dragon classes in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and the Harpy, Cloudie, and Scissor Beetle enemies in Zettai Hero Project