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Trivia: 1983: Doomsday Stories
  • Broad Strokes: Given its treatment of the source material and due to the wiki-style nature of said source, there are some differences in the AU's details, though still keeping with the spirit of it as much as possible. Among the more noticeable ones include:
    • Soviet Chairman Yuri Andropov's death at the very beginning of Doomsday being caused by Russia, although it was covered up by saying that it was a heart attack.
    • The exact times and extent of the nuclear fires.
    • Certain points in the timeline either happening differently or not taking place at all.
    • The Nordics being more active in dealing with Estonia and eventually Prussia.
    • The Celtic Alliance as a looser federation than the original version, with Scotland having virtually actual equal footing with Ireland.
    • A mixture of minor tweaks and changes in the nature of The Alpine Confederation.
    • Poland as being bi-polar and in a sort-of-civil war, compared to the somewhat more clear-cut East and West Poland in the source material.
    • The existence of the Sopron Frontier.
    • Some of the characteristics, personalities and backgrounds of the Survivor-Nations.
    • The existence of personified countries.
  • Shout-Out: To Hetalia. Among others:
  • What Could Have Been: Earlier ideas for the AU would have made it much more bleak and depressing than what ultimately came out. Austria's arc alone would have involved him becoming a mentally scarred Yandere who despises his own daughter. And Hungary being little more than his subconscious...which he subsequently kills.

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