Trivia / Nickelodeon GUTS

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The 1993 All-Star Special never reran on Nick GAS, most likely because it was an hour long instead of the usual half-hour. (It was available on VHS for a time in the mid-90s, though.) Plus, the 1995 special "The Making of Global GUTS: The Road to the Extreme Arena" only aired on special days and was never released on VHS nor DVD. The series itself has yet to see a DVD release. A few episodes of Global Guts were available to buy on iTunes, but have since been removed.
    • Nickelodeon aired My Family's Got Guts only once, then never spoke of it again. Even worse, a second season filmed concurrently with the first never aired in America! Said second season did air in Australia, and even then no one seems to have recorded the second episode.
  • Un-Canceled: As My Family's Got Guts in 2008.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Good lord, pretty much everyone who appeared on this show, from the contestants to the refs to the audience makes the show a time capsule for 90s fashion. Bright, primary, contrasting colors, neon green and pink shorts and tank tops, '90s Hair abound... The list goes on and on. This isn't even getting into the show's aesthetics either. The Totally Radical "extreme" theme, the "kaleidoscope" scene transitions, the nicknames the contestants are given... One could nickname this show "The '90s: Kids Sports Edition" and not much would change. This even extends to some events featured on the show, with a few using "sports" toys at the time like Moon Shoes.