Trivia: Nickelodeon Guts

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Some contestants went on to do bigger, better things, like A.J. McLean and Mike Vogel.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The 1993 All-Star Special never reran on Nick GAS, most likely because it was an hour long instead of the usual half-hour. (It was available on VHS for a time in the mid-90s, though.) Plus, the 1995 special "The Making of Global GUTS: The Road to the Extreme Arena" only aired on special days and was never released on VHS nor DVD. The series itself has yet to see a DVD release. A few episodes of Global Guts were available to buy on iTunes, but have since been removed.
    • Nickelodeon aired My Family's Got Guts only once, then never spoke of it again. Even worse, a second season filmed concurrently with the first never aired in America! Said second season did air in Australia, and even then no one seems to have recorded the second episode.