Trivia / Nick Arcade

General trivia:

  • A typical taping day was 3-4 episodes. The host, Phil Moore, would wear one outfit for one or two shows, and then change it for the tapings of the next two.

Specific trivia:

  • Edited for Syndication: The consolation plugs were regularly replaced in reruns, in many cases promoting things that did not exist in 1992 (like Stay Tooned! and the Barf-O-Rama books, both from 1996). This practice did not carry over to the Nick GAS reruns; they would air with either a set from 1996, 1997, and less frequently from earlier broadcast masters.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The series has not been rerun since the demise of the Nick GAS channel. Even then, despite airing on GAS from its inception to its ending, only 64 of its 84 episodes ever reran there. One of the 20 missing episodes was posted to Nickelodeon's site in the late 2000s, another has been offered for sale on iTunes since December 2013, and at least five others circulate among traders. The rest haven't seen the light of day since the 1990s.
    • One theory as to why those 20 episodes never reran is that Nick Arcade used a lot of music videos in their puzzles, and GAS couldn't clear (or didn't feel like clearing) the music rights for every episode. While the theory has never been confirmed, it's interesting to note that 7 missing episodes have been found so far, and all of them featured a music video.
    • In 2015, a YouTube channel called enthlevel posted various clips of the show from the original master tapes. He also posted clips from three different missing episodes; all of these were from season 2. The first featured a Mongo endgame win from possibly the first taping day, the second (John & Bard vs. Christie & Walker) featured a playing of the "What Was That?" puzzle, and the third (Ricky & Amber vs. Matthew & Darlene) featured the beginning of an endgame in progress. The latter two were from the first couple of episodes of the final taping day.
    • Currently, three episodes exist only in the form of notes that were taken by Bjacquard back in the day. According to him, the season 1 episodes Shakir & Alisa vs. Kevin & Kerri and Calvin & Katie vs. Mark & Cheryl were respectively from the 5th taping day (episodes #15-#18) and the 9th (#31-#34). The Isaac & Dawn vs. Robert & Maureen episode was from the second-to-last taping day of season 2 (#77-#80). There was also an episode viewed by an audience member on the 9th taping day of season 1 (VTR: November 29, 1991) that aired on May 2, 1992. It is unclear if this was the aforementioned Calvin & Katie vs. Mark & Cheryl episode.