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Trivia: New Order
  • Breakthrough Hit: "Blue Monday", "True Faith" and Substance in the U.S.
  • Completely Different Title: Power Corruption & Lies -> 権力の美学 (Aesthetics of Power)
  • Creator Backlash: Bernard Sumner doesn't like their first album, Movement, very much. He considers the band's performance on the album—especially his own—as a pale imitation of their previous work as Joy Division and a disservice to Ian Curtis's memory.
  • Creator Couple: Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris. They recorded an album as The Other Two.
  • Executive Meddling: Tony Wilson chose "Round & Round" as the second single from Technique over the wishes of the band, who wanted "Vanishing Point" instead. The song was a Take That against Tony Wilson, ironically. Notably they stuck "Vanishing Point" on their greatest hits album anyway.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • The full-length, 18 minute long version of Elegia, which was one of the first major holy grails to surface online via peer-to-peer file sharing programs.
    • The 1981 Glastonbury performance, tantalizingly hinted at with three tracks ("The Him" "Senses" and "Procession" all with Bernard Sumner so completely off his head he falls over during one song) as a DVD extra.
  • One of Us:
    • Stephen Morris is a major Doctor Who fan, and also collects and paints various plastic models of World War II vehicles and planes. Unlike the average model collector, however, he also collects actual tanks. He also usually has a fleet of Apple Macintosh computers surrounding him in publicity photos and interviews.
    • Bernard Sumner, an electronics hobbyist, built the band's first synthesizer.
  • Reclusive Artist: The band refused to give interviews for a long time, though this was only so they didn't have to discuss Ian Curtis.
  • Throw It In:
    • Bernard Sumner cracks up on the line "I think you are a pig/you should be in a zoo" on "Every Little Counts." It's also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • Gillian Gilbert hit a button on a sequencer at the wrong time whilst recording "Blue Monday," resulting in some parts being out of sync (the sequencer is the one playing the very first riff that comes in after the bass drum introduction). The band decided that they liked its off-kilter feel and released it that way.

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