Trivia / Nevermore

  • Author Existence Failure: Dane died on December 13, 2017 as the result of a heart attack that was most likely brought on by decades of alcohol abuse and poorly-managed diabetes, as he had been in poor health for some time before that.
  • Creative Differences: O'Brien left largely because he enjoyed playing death metal far more than what he was playing in Nevermore, while Sheppard left Sanctuary and music altogether in 2016 due to general burnout and dissatisfaction with the life of a musician. The departures of Loomis and Williams, meanwhile, were strictly due to their steadily-deteriorating relationship with Dane and Sheppard.
  • Hitless Hit Album: Inverted. Whilst Dead World WAS a critical success, and well-received by fans, it's big single was supposed to be "Believe In Nothing". Supposed to be.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Attila Voros was a HUGE fan of Nevermore and Jeff Loomis well before he got the job as a live guitarist and had a style that was heavily modeled after Loomis' own, and it's been rumored that he will be inducted as a full-time member outright if Nevermore comes back.