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Trivia: Narue No Sekai
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Fans of the Pokémon anime might recognize May/Ash and Misty as the voices of Narue and Kanaka, respectively (Coincidentally, May and Narue even have similar hairstyles). Also, their father is voiced by Dan Green.
  • Similarly Named Works: Named explicitly after the Japanese title of a 1948 A. E. van Vogt novel, The World of Null-A, or Naru ē no Sekai. One particular idea shared between the two is an interstellar human society that exists outside of Earth, but otherwise they're nothing alike.
  • Write Who You Know: The characters of Yagi's book seem suspiciously similar to Narue and Kazuto, except with sdrawkcab names. It turns out, the characters were actual people who were involved in a catastrophe that happened long ago in Avalon's history.

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