Trivia / Namco Bandai

  • Fan Nickname: Players of Namco's Banapassport-enabled arcade games sometimes refer to the card as a "Bananapassport" or just a "Bananapass".
  • No Export for You: Zigzagged - it's always impossible to tell which of their games will be localized. Some games don't ever leave Japan, some are localized in only one region of the world, while some are localized in all territories.
    • Bizarrely, Namco Bandai sometimes refuses to let other publishers localize their games for them; Atlus has offered in the past to localize their Tales games and they were refused. Most egregiously, several companies offered to publish the Second Super Robot Wars Original Generation, but the company still refused them all.
    • Recent years, however, have shown a major reversal of this trend, especially when it comes to many of the licensed games they make based on Anime: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth are two such examples. Additionally, they've also started to aggressively localize and translate other games that were released years ago into current markets outside of Japan, like God Eater 2 Rage Burst.
    • Completely and unexpectedly averted in 2016 with the next installment of Original Generation called "The Moon Dwellers", which Namco Bandai will translate themselves into English for the first timenote  for the Southeast Asia market. Further compounded with Super Robot Wars V, the first licensed installment of the franchise that will be given multiple language releases, including English, for the Asia region.
    • Namco's amusement divisions were willing to localize Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune for the first three-something games before saying "no" with Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4, possibly because of the online infrastructure mandatory for the game. The series, along with other Namco arcade games that require network features, seemed to be all but dead outside of eastern and southeastern Asia, until 2017 when their American amusement division finally brought over Maximum Tune 5...despite that game being three years out of date when Asia is been two upgrades at this point.