Trivia / Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress

  • Let's Play: Two full plays of the mod with the original four episodes of Duke Nukem 3D, and one with a review.
    • SeriousCacodemon's LP (circa April-May 2009). His first "talkthrough", and goes through the original four Duke Nukem 3D episodes.
    • A review by Spoonshiro as well (circa July 2012). Commentary is placed within annotations. It goes into detail on how the reviewer believes the game balance is out of control. There are a fair number of valid criticisms such as some of the voice acting of a couple of characters, however some elements of his review might be in question, such as claiming there is no in-game HUD while there is clearly one that can be toggled on and off in a submenu, and appearing to not intentionally use certain submenus in the in-game menu system.
    • WhamNinjaMoleHill's LP (circa August-November 2015). Includes an introductory video to the mod where he and the mod's author discuss mechanics and show off a demonstration map for about 95 minutes, then the rest of it is Wham by himself playing the original four episodes of Duke Nukem 3D with the mod.