Trivia: NERF Brand

  • No Export for You: Nerf guns are difficult to find outside the US, and their accessories are as rare as hen's teeth.
    • Values Dissonance: This could be because many other countries take much more negative stances on the use of guns and on the depiction of violence.
      • Australians, due to firearms laws which even requier bb/airsoft/paintball guns to be registered and used only by liscenced persons [which is extremely hard to get and if you are doing it you may as well take up competitive target shooting or hunting], are on the height of homemade dart design.
    • Short Run in Peru: On the other hand, the Raider came out early in Australia. Australia. Toy shipments have been known to reach Proxima Centauri before they get to Australia. And Singapore seems to be getting them before they hit the US, too.
      • And now they've got the Stockade, released in August 2012, which won't be showing up in the US until September 2013. AND it'll be a store exclusive at Walmart.
    • Bad Export for You: Due to strict firearms laws, some of the N-Strike Elite blasters that were released in Australia got nerfed with reduced power and are marked with unique grey triggers.
    • Canada tends to do okay for Nerf stuff, though we never saw the Alpha Trooper up here.
    • Currently, there are no plans for releasing the Pinpoint sight in Elite colors in the US. Despite this, they're available pretty much anywhere else.
  • The Wiki Rule: Right here, not only categorizes all of the current production blasters and discontinued blasters but also off-brand blasters like BuzzBee Air Warriors.