Trivia / NCIS: Los Angeles

  • Actor Allusion: Telling Chris O'Donnell that he should get a sidecar for the motorcycle.
    • Eric Beale makes mention that he is scared of hand puppets. His actor, Barrett Foa, appeared in Avenue Q which is very puppet heavy.
    • Deeks tells Kensi she was a terrible dancer. Daniela Ruah won the first season of the Portugese version of Strictly Come Dancing.
  • Awesome Mc Cool Name: Two actors in the Fall 2016 premier named Sammy Sheik and Alexander Wraith.
  • The Cast Showoff: LL Cool J's rap songs are sometimes used for background music.
  • Life Imitates Art: One episode uncovered a conspiracy a company that tests agents to see if they should get top security clearance allowed dozens, maybe even hundreds of people to get access to government secrets. A month later on the same channel 60 Minutes airs a report that security testing companies may have allowed a huge number of people within the US government to access secure places when they should never have been given clearance at all.
    • Unlike the show there was no conspiracy, just a lot of overlooked incidents (one man claimed he "lived in Seattle and worked in New York" and left out the small detail that he had punctured someone's tires with a shotgun; he later killed 12 people in the secure area he worked in) and a need for people with security clearance even if they were clearly unfit (Brad/Chelsea Manning actually told the woman overseeing him that "the [US] flag means nothing and [he] has no allegiance to this country" and later attacked her because she wouldn't get off his back about his suspicious behavior. He kept his security clearance (60 Minutes used her old name and pronouns because this was prior to her transition)).
  • The Pete Best / The Other Marty: Louise Lombard played Lara Macy in the NCIS backdoor; when the series went into production, Macy was dropped and Linda Hunt's Hetty was added.
  • Real-Life Relative: The main ship of Deeks and Kensi, becomes quite hilarious when you find out that Daniela Ruah is married to Eric Christian Olsen's stunt double. His stunt double? His brother David Paul Olsen. Not only are they brother and sister-in-law, but her husband is also on set to watch their shipping.