Trivia / My So-Called Life

  • Banned Episode: When the series was screened in Britain by Channel 4, "Weekend" wasn't shown thanks to the subject matter being too mature for its 6pm time slot - and thanks to the series' only repeat being in an even earlier slot, it's never been shown on UK TV.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted with Claire Danes as central character Angela and Devon Gummersall as her would-be love interest Brian. Averted (or at least mostly averted) with Lisa Wilhoit as Danielle, Angela's kid sister. But most of the "high school" cast were at least eighteen (and a few considerably older) when the series began shooting. Actually, Claire Danes was thirteen playing fifteen when shooting began. The DVD Commentary for the pilot episode includes a joke that the show is television's Ur-Example of inverted Dawson Casting.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Thanks to the ungodly amount of flannel worn.
  • What Could Have Been: So what's up with Angela and Brian? According to creator / producer Winnie Holzman, Angela and Brian have a very deep connection. But they are too similar to each other, too familiar with one another, and too combative for Angela's comfort. Brian represents those very aspects of Angela's life, and of herself, that she's so desperately trying to run away from, especially at the beginning of the series. By contrast, Jordan Catalano is distant and mysterious and intellectually unchallenging — everything Brian is not and can never be. This, even more than looks, is Jordan's fundamental source of the attraction for Angela, but also the reason any relationship between them is doomed. In much of the show, Brian comes across as a bit of a Stalker with a Crush. But if the series had continued, Winnie Holzman has said, Brian would have evolved into Angela's romantic confidant, her primary go-to guy for whenever she wanted to vent about Jordan Catalano. The relationship between Brian and Angela might or might not have ever crossed over into anything explicitly (mutually) romantic, but it would in many ways have been far deeper than anything possible in her Official Couple relationship with Jordan.