Trivia / My Mother the Car

  • Money, Dear Boy: Ann Sothern's motivation for being in the show: a chance to earn television-level salary for radio-level acting.
  • Old Shame: The show was co-created by Allen Burns, and James L. Brooks was a writer. They later created The Mary Tyler Moore Show together. Brooks also became a successful film director, and was involved in the creation of The Simpsons. (A Simpsons DVD Commentary joked that mentioning said involvement around the studio is cause for being fired.)
    • (Amusingly, the WJM program grids hanging on the station manager's wall at MTM list My Mother the Car several times each day.)
    • Burns and his partner on My Mother the Car, Chris Hayward, also went on to create The Munsters as well as write episodes of Get Smart. Hayward was later a writer for Barney Miller.
  • We Interrupt This Program: In its original run, the last episode was interrupted by a special bulletin involving NASA. When it was over, the show did not resume. It wouldn't be until later that the final episode was shown in its entirety.
  • What Could Have Been: Jerry Van Dyke turned down the role of Gilligan because he thought the concept of that show was too strange. He ended up getting something far more preposterous instead.