Trivia: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S2 E21 "Dragon Quest"

  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Finn, how did you become a purple dragon?
  • Name's the Same: To the Video Game Dragon Quest. There's no battling slime though.
  • Recycled Script: Though it could be a possible Shout-Out, the fact remains that this episode shares nearly the same plot as the My Little Pony 'N Friends episode Spike's Search. Spike realizes one day that he is very different from his pony friends and feels lonely. His friends suggest finding other dragons like him and want to go with him, but he feels he must do this alone. After finding the dragons who intimidate and mock him, one dragon from the group decides to give him a chance to join them. After proving various tests to gain their respect, they start to accept Spike. However, before he can be considered a real dragon in their eyes, he must harm a group of innocents which he cannot go through and eventually leaves the dragons to stay with the ponies.
    • Though Dragon Quest is agreed to be a better made episode than it's original, some bronies will admit to liking the original ending. Spike comes to believe that the dragons are complete jerks and lives with the ponies because he is more like them than a dragon. However, Danny points out that just as Earth, pegasi, and unicorns are all different types of pony, there could very well be other kinds of dragon he's never met and that one group does not represent a whole. Spike agrees and decides that he's still not sure where he really belongs, and will look again one day for other dragons, but for now he'll stay with the ponies.