Trivia / My Immortal

  • Cliffhanger: The fic abruptly ends on chapter 44, and nobody ever finds out how it ended.
  • Creator Breakdown: The spelling mistakes get more frequent and more blatant as the story goes on. This could be because she threatens to slit her wrists every time someone flames her story. Speaking of which, her author's notes between chapters become increasingly angry and incoherent at time goes on... The effects of blood loss?
  • Defictionalization: There are a few active Facebook accounts for the characters. Have fun.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The original version was deleted when started deleting rule-breaking content, but it lives on, either from being reposted or by being hosted on mirror sites.
  • The Wiki Rule: Yes, it has one, with over 100 pages. The wiki pretends to claim that it is the greatest fanfic ever written.
  • Word Of God: Authors' notes pop up in most chapters, mostly to criticize reviewers as "preps" and excuse her spelling problems and mischaracterization. One note in Chapter 6 reveals that Dumbledore's swearing is the result of him having a headache.