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Trivia: My Bride Is a Mermaid
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Looks like Father got another role as a narrator.
    • Does Akeno's brother (before becoming Masa) sounds like Char Aznable to you?
    • Bloodthirsty Yakuza goon Shark Fujishiro has the same English dub voice as bloodthirsty Mafia goon Ladd Russo.
    • With Todd Haberkorn as Nagasumi, Christopher Sabat as Masa, and Monica Rial as Maki; some viewers might get a sense of deja Sgt. Frog.
    • it can also give off a slight One Piece vibe:
      • Nagasumi Michishio is Kohza
      • Nagasumi's Dad is Don Kreig and Wapol
      • Nagasumi's Grandmother is Kokoro who ironically IS a Mermaid
      • Nagasumi's Grandfather is Zeff
      • Gozaburo Seto is Crocodile
      • Ren Seto is Nico Robin, which makes the above even more freaky if you've seen the series.
      • Shark Fujishiro is Monkey D. Dragon
      • Masa is Roronoa Zoro
      • Maki "The Conch" is Kuina and Tashigi
      • Octopus Nakajima is Satori
      • Mawari Zenigata is Vivi
      • Lunar Edomame is Miss Goldenweek
      • Kai Mikawa is Sanji
      • Yoshiou Minamoto is Mr. 9
    • Considering this series is a carbon copy of Rosario+Vampire the similarities in voice cast were bound to happen:
      • Nagasumi is Tskune Aono
      • Sun is Moka Akashiya
      • Maki is Yukari Sendo
      • Masa is Okuto Kotsubo
      • Nagasumi's Mother is Tamao Ichinose, a siren ironically
    • in truth a lot of these guys have also been in several Dragon Ball series:
      • Nagasumi is Android #19
      • Gozaburo Seto is Dodoria
      • Masa is Piccolo and Vegeta among others.
      • Maki is Bulma
      • Nagasumi's Grandfather is Goku's Doctor and XS cash from Bojack Unbound.
      • Shark Fujishiro is Oolong
      • Octopus Nakajima is Agent Shu and Mr. Popo
      • Kai is Future Trunks
      • Yoshiou Minamoto is Turles
      • Lunar is Pansy/Penny from Curse of the Blood Rubies.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Despite the fact that the opening, endings, and "Namida Ichirin" were kept in Japanese for the dub, this was averted with the rest of the insert songs.
  • The director of this show, Seiji Kishi, is also the director of Magikano. A viewer can easily tell the resemblance by looking at certain jokes, especially when it comes to parody commercials.

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