Trivia: Mr. Belvedere

  • All-Star Cast: Twice, in "Separation" in season 3, and in "The Field" in season 6.
  • The Cast Showoff: Occasionally on the show, Marsha would sing a song. In real life, Ilene Graff is a well known singer who previously co-starred as Sandy Dumbrowski in the Broadway musical Grease, working alongside future husband Ben Lanzarone, who was the production's musical director and would later write incidental music for Mr. Belvedere from the third season on, as well as guest starring in the season 3 episode, "Debut", in which George quits his job and decides to become a lounge singer as a result of almost getting electrocuted in the bathtub, and the season 4 episode, "Heather's Monk", in which Heather and Angela join the school chorus, and Heather falls in love with a fellow chorus member who's actually planning on becoming a priest and is looking for a night of passion before joining the seminary.
    • But in "Marsha's Secret" in season 5, Ilene and two other singing waitresses were lip-synching to someone's else's singing voices.
  • Missing Episode: 10 episodes. 2 from season 5, and 8 from season 6 to be more precise. You may have seen them in syndication, however.
  • Schedule Slip: In season 3, the three remaining episodes were sheleved in favor of the first season of The Charmings. They were shown in May. Also in season 4, two episodes were shelved, and didn't air until season 5. Finally, there were 10 unaired episodes (2 from season 5, and 8 from season 6).
  • Screwed by the Network: Though never a top 30 hit, it won its timeslot, many times, and was brought back for a 4th season in 1987, due to fan protests, and even pummeled a formerly super-popular competitor, The A-Team on NBC, into submission. But ABC would soon begin tinkering with their Friday night schedule, by making sure it was dominated by Miller-Boyett programs. It began in 1987 with Full House as the lead-in for the show. Then a year later, in 1988, ABC moved Perfect Strangers to Friday nights. Finally, a year later, ABC moved Mr. Belvedere to Saturday nights, to make way for Family Matters. Only Just The Ten Of Us remained. By the end of the 1989-1990 television season, Mr. Belvedere and Just The Ten of Us were cancelled, and there were no more non-Miller-Boyett shows in Friday nights for the time being.