Trivia / MoonBase Commander

  • Acclaimed Flop: Enough of one to win IGN's "Best Game No-One Played" in 2002.
  • Executive Meddling/Screwed by the Network: As noted in this long series of articles on the game, it fell horribly victim to this. Infogrames first of all gave Rhett Mathis (the project leader) a ton of trouble just for even pitching the game, and only reluctantly allowed him to follow through with it. Then he was only met with even more resistance when focus testing didn't go very well. This wasn't at all helped by being pulled into a meeting that made the team feel that what they were making was inadequate (an executive showed them the trailer for Kingdom Hearts and stated that was what they wanted out of the company, despite the fact that such a game was way out of their league!). The final budget being much lower than Rhett was expecting made matters worse, and the final nail in the coffin for the project was that Infogrames refused to give the game an E3 presentation. And the marketing for the game was absolutely minuscule, if non-existent, which meant most people had no way of even knowing the game existed.
  • Network to the Rescue: Atari's official website has downloadable copies of the game for sale.