Trivia / Momoiro Clover Z

  • Black Sheep Hit: "Hashire!" (the B-Side of "Kaitou Shojo") ranked first in their song popularity polls by fans in 2012. "DNA Rhapsody" (the B-Side of "Mouretsu") did the same in 2013.
  • Meaningful Release Date: "Rodo Sanka", or "Labor Hymn", a single about working labor, is released in November 23, which is the Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan.
    • Their second album 5th Dimension is released in the day Akari graduated.
  • The Merch: Aside for standard idol merchandises (photos, bromides, photobooks, t-shirts and so on), they're the only Idol Group that saw an exclusive and limited releases action figures release by Bandainote  in Chibi-Arts line back then when they're not so famous. There's also Momoclo's Bento.
  • They Also Did: They voiced Beelzebub in Square Enix's fantasy rhythm action game Demons' Score, with her theme being composed by Hyadain.