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Trivia: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
  • Executive Meddling: The original opening and ending themes couldn't be used for foreign versions because composer Neil Sedaka retains a copyright for them.
  • Fan Nickname: The O suddenly is "Patrick" after SD Gundam Online was released.
  • Hey, It's That Guy! / Hilarious in Hindsight: Bit character Gates Capa (voiced by Kazuki Yao) was complicit in brainwashing Cyber-Newtype Rosamia Badam into believing that the former is her older brother. He would later voice the protagonist Judau Ashta of the sequel, ZZ and much of his motivation in the series is actually becoming a genuine older brother.
    • Nobuo Tobita (Kamille) and Bin Shimada (Scirocco) reunites together again... in the Japanese dub of The Simpsons as Milhouse and Krusty The Clown respectively. Except that, in The Simpsons, Kamille is one of the biggest fans of Scirocco instead of his biggest enemy.
  • Hey, It's That Guy! / Japandering: A rare musical version — the popular opening theme, Zeta - Toki wo Koete was written by '60s pop maven Neil Sedaka. According to The Other Wiki, he actually did write the theme, adapting it from the song "Better Days are Coming" off of his 1972 album Solitaire. He also did likewise for the second opening theme (from which he drew upon an unreleased song of his) and the ending theme (from "Bad and Beautiful" from 1976's Stepping Out). This is the reason that they were excised from the US release — Sedaka owns the rights to the songs outside Japan and for whatever reason his clearance was not obtained, prompting the titular Gundam's theme as a replacement. (The replacement theme)
  • The Other Darrin: Is what happened to the dub after the original MSG cast took a strike.
    • Many of the female characters had their Japanese voice cast replaced for the Compilation Films.
  • Reality Subtext: According to backstage rumor, Reccoa and Scirocco were at least partly based on voice actress Maria Kawamura and character and mecha designer extraordinaire Mamoru Nagano, who were the other two thirds of a Love Triangle Tomino was involved in during production. They got married, actually, and still are.
    • Zeta seems to be a veritable lightning rod for backstage drama. There's also the infamous recasting of Four in the compilation movies, allegedly due to a Casting Couch arrangement between Yukana and the director, as well as Rosamia's much reduced role as a result of the casting director having been married to her original voice actress and then divorcing, resulting in her being replaced by a less experienced actress.
  • Troubled Production: Like WOAH! Just look at the Reality Subtext entry above.
  • What Could Have Been: Mamoru Nagano was originally going to have a much larger role in the creation of the series, but due to a falling out with Tomino only a few of his mecha designs, most notably the Hyaku Shiki, ended up getting used. Nagano's version of Zeta would have included:
    • A different design for the title mech resembling a Gundamized version of his Heavy Metal L Gaim mark II or Junchoon from The Five Star Stories.
    • Axis Zeon having a much wider range of mobile suits besides the Gaza-C and Qubeley, including a gigantic mobile fortress known as the Nahatgall, created as a counter to the Titans' Psycho Gundam, that later became the basis of the Char's Counterattack novels' Nightingale, as well as the Rick Dias and Galbaldy Beta being Zeon MS rather than AEUG and Titans, respectively.
    • Haman Karn having a completely different character design with white hair and a flamboyant red and white costume similar to FSS's Mirage Knights.
    • The Hambrabi (which was originally known as the Methuss) being an AEUG MS designed as an artillery spotter for the Zeta's Hyper Mega Launcher. This gets a nod in Gundam Vs. Zeta when Four pilots it alongside Camille in an alternate timeline where Camille joins the Titans.
    • In an abandoned draft of Char's Counterattack, Jerid Messa was meant to survive and become Amuro's wingman...then ZZ Gundam came in the way.
    • Speaking of Jerid, there were plans at one point during Zeta's production to have him turned into a cyborg by Haman.
    • Gates Capa was originally intended to survive and return in ZZ Gundam. He never did, but his final fate is left ambiguous.
    • Emma Sheen was supposedly slated to return in ZZ Gundam as well.

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