Trivia / Miscellaneous

  • Creator Backlash: RLYoshi considers the whole "Jack Ass" joke, along with the Memetic Mutation of thinking up punny names for his family members, to be an Overly Long Gag and doesn't like it when people comment about it on his blog posts. Mobius, however, doesn't seem to care.
  • One of Us: Not only is RLYoshi a troper, but he also has his own page, though more for his YouTube videos and Let's Plays.
  • Throw It In!: The blog posts of conversations between the authors (now titled "The Miscellaneous Files") show that the idea of Filter having two hearts was thought of at the last moment and only added in so they could joke about him having "double heart attacks". Basically, RLYoshi (seemingly) joked about it, then began writing it, and Mobius went along with it.