Trivia / Ministry

  • Author Existence Failure: Mike Scaccia, who was responsible for a good deal of Ministry's current sound.
  • Black Sheep Hit: The song "Everyday is Halloween" is probably the only evidence to younger fans that they ever played Synth Pop, and one of few songs of that period that Al Jourgensen still keeps in print.
  • Fan Nickname: "Uncle Al" for Al Jourgensen.
  • Fatal Method Acting: Mike Scaccia, longtime guitarist for band (he was a part of both the classic lineup and the reunited 2012 configuration) died of a heart attack while performing at a club in Texas in December 2012 with the band Rigor Mortis.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Al did some advertising/jingle work in the 1980s, including this widely circulated Shasta ad.
  • Old Shame: With Sympathy is pretty much this trope summed up for Ministry.
    • Averted with several singles from this period such as "Everyday is Halloween" and "Cold Life"; the compilation on which they appeared, Twelve Inch Singles (19811984) received an officially endorsed Updated Re-release in the form of Early Trax.
  • The Other Marty: Trent Reznor was to sing on 1000 Homo DJs' "Supernaut", but his label, TVT Records, wouldn't allow it to be released, so Al Jourgensen re-recorded the vocals himself note . The "Trent Reznor Vocal Version" of "Supernaut" eventually saw official release on the box set Black Box Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years... which was, ironically enough, released by TVT - the label had bought out the whole back catalog of Wax Trax! Records at that point, which included 1000 Homo DJs.
  • Throw It In: There were actual lyrics to "Jesus Built My Hotrod" at first, but when Gibby Haynes started doing some psychotic scatting over the instrumental track, Al liked that better and used that in the final product.