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Trivia: Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls
  • Creator Backlash: Lauren has gone on record to say she no longer likes how the characters look and she wishes to redesign them.
  • Development Hell: Again, Lauren Faust has pitched an animated series several times before (one such pitch leading to Friendship is Magic), and back in 2007 she claimed to have been working on a short and shared some storyboard art. As of 2013, whatever progress has been made hasn't seen the light of day (probably because the following year Lauren got a certain job with Hasbro). Lauren has said that Galaxy Girls is currently "in stasis" until she can find the right partners.
  • What Could Have Been: You know that one cartoon? The popular one with the ponies? According to this article it got made because Lauren Faust was pitching a cartoon based on Galaxy Girls.

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