!!''Mighty Mouse (Super Mouse)''
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Only four of the original 80 theatrical cartoons are on home video; the PublicDomain "Wolf, Wolf!", and the shorts "He Dood It Again", "Gypsy Life" and "The Mysterious Package" as extras on the ''Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures'' DVD set. It also doubles as the only official DVD release that the Creator/TerryToons cartoons have gotten.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: A CGI movie of Mighty Mouse, produced jointly by Paramount and Nickelodeon (which would have produced a subsequent TV series) has been in limbo for a few years now.
** "Instant Fat," a 1964 cartoon, was storyboarded but never made.

!!''Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures''
* CreatorBacklash:
** The DVD commentary for "Mouse From Another House" describes the episodes execution as flawed; it was supposed to be a satire of pathos cartoons and origin stories, but the story was [[PoesLaw misinterpreted as a straight pathos tale instead of a humorous take on one]], and was misdirected as such, robbing it of much of its intended comedy.
** Creator/JohnKricfalusi claims [[http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/2008/09/wonky-2.html on his blog]] the impact of the show was a mixed blessing and that it had numerous flaws from the get go.
-->''"I also drew much more emotive and exaggerated characters than anyone else at the time did, and many of my artists again misinterpreted this as meaning no-rules. So for every Bruce Timm Ken Boyer, Eddie Fitzgerald, Lynne Naylor and me there were 5 other cartoonists who looked at our stuff and decided anything-goes, as long as it's weird. I had unleashed a monster that I've rued to this day. Mighty Mouse was a mixed blessing to the cartoon business. It freed up cartoonists and brought back creativity, excitement and invention to cartoons. It also brought back story structure and characterization - in the best episodes. It reminded the whole business of what cartoons were for in the first place. It also was full of accidents, mistakes, sloppy execution and rushed work that I had no time (and not enough experience) to get under control."''
* ExecutiveMeddling: Subverted, then played straight. Up until the "crushed flower controversy", Creator/{{CBS}} didn't care what Bakshi and co. produced each week.
** Also of note: Season 2's "Bat With A Golden Tongue" was presumed to be a make-good for the "crushed flower" scene in that it entailed Mighty Mouse's efforts to break Bat-Bat of his joke-telling addiction. Bat-Bat's final line to the viewers was "Just say no to canned laughter." UsefulNotes/McDonalds took umbrage and threatened to pull its advertising if the line was not removed[[note]]the reason why was unknown for many years, but eventually [[WordOfGod producer Tom Minton revealed on his Facebook]] that [=McDonald's=] objected to the line because it was an all-too-humorous parallel to then-First Lady Nancy Reagan's more serious "Just Say No To Drugs" message[[/note]]. The day before the episode aired, the Bakshi studio replaced the line with a stock scream.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: The sudden appearance of a cartoon Creator/MervGriffin was cut out at the last moment from "Night Of The Bat-Bat." It would be used in the unedited edition of the scene in the series finale, "Mighty's Tone Poem."