Trivia / Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse (Super Mouse)

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only four of the original 80 theatrical cartoons are on home video; the Public Domain "Wolf, Wolf!", and the shorts "He Dood It Again", "Gypsy Life" and "The Mysterious Package" as extras on the Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures DVD set. It also doubles as the only official DVD release that the Terry Toons cartoons have gotten.
  • What Could Have Been: A CGI movie of Mighty Mouse, produced jointly by Paramount and Nickelodeon (which would have produced a subsequent TV series) has been in limbo for a few years now.
    • "Instant Fat," a 1964 cartoon, was storyboarded but never made.

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures

  • Big Name Fan: According to Tom Minton, Chuck Jones was a fan of the show for its biting satire.
    "Chuck Jones, who was lurking about Ralph's studio shortly after this was made, consulting on Dr. Seuss's "The Butter Battle" special with the in-house Maurice Noble, said "the best thing about Mighty Mouse is that it was a bite instead of a lick."
  • Creator Backlash:
    "I also drew much more emotive and exaggerated characters than anyone else at the time did, and many of my artists again misinterpreted this as meaning no-rules. So for every Bruce Timm Ken Boyer, Eddie Fitzgerald, Lynne Naylor and me there were 5 other cartoonists who looked at our stuff and decided anything-goes, as long as it's weird. I had unleashed a monster that I've rued to this day. Mighty Mouse was a mixed blessing to the cartoon business. It freed up cartoonists and brought back creativity, excitement and invention to cartoons. It also brought back story structure and characterization - in the best episodes. It reminded the whole business of what cartoons were for in the first place. It also was full of accidents, mistakes, sloppy execution and rushed work that I had no time (and not enough experience) to get under control."
  • Executive Meddling: Subverted, then played straight. Up until the "crushed flower controversy", CBS didn't care what Bakshi and co. produced each week.
    • Also of note: Season 2's "Bat With A Golden Tongue" was presumed to be a make-good for the "crushed flower" scene in that it entailed Mighty Mouse's efforts to break Bat-Bat of his joke-telling addiction. Bat-Bat's final line to the viewers was "Just say no to canned laughter." McDonald's took umbrage and threatened to pull its advertising if the line was not removednote . The day before the episode aired, the Bakshi studio replaced the line with a stock scream.
  • What Could Have Been: The sudden appearance of a cartoon Merv Griffin was cut out at the last moment from "Night Of The Bat-Bat." It would be used in the unedited edition of the scene in the series finale, "Mighty's Tone Poem."