Trivia / Metal Slug

  • Fan Nickname: Venusians, for the alien race in 6. For the longest time they didn't have an official name, and when they did get one it was just "the Invaders", so fans gravitated to a Venus-themed name as a pun based on their conflict with the Mars people.
  • No Export for You: The 3D installment for PlayStation 2 has not been released in North America.
    • Also, from the main series, the Combat School, a mission-based Dating Sim.
  • Port Overdosed: SNK just loooooooooves re-releasing the original game. It's hard to find a single compilation by them that doesn't include it.
  • What Could Have Been: Early on, Sophia was considered to play the role of Player 2.
    • Many ideas and models were scrapped from the final product, especially in 5. Including a giant turtle-like mecha and the native zapped by the lightning at the beginning as the final boss on a levitating, laser-spitting pillar. See this page for all the stuff that people have found from the game files.