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Trivia: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  • Executive Meddling:
    • The Japanese version of the game had to edit its torture scene to utilizing "Laughing Rods" instead of shock rods because of the censors demanding they do so to maintain their "C" rating (ages 15 and up).
    • In America, some items had to be changed because they were real-world products (even though one of the products, Pepsi NEX, was not actually available outside Japan anyhow.).
  • Enforced Method Acting: David Hayter said that he actually vomited in the sound booth in order to produce some of Snake's choking sound effects for the game (Kojima Productions Report Session 117).
  • Fake Nationality: Due to the "independent from any nation" spirit of MSF, the fake accents vary :
    • British-born Robin Atkin Downes uses his Fake American accent to voice the Japanese-American Kaz Miller.
    • Canadian Tara Strong voiced the Costa Rican Paz Ortega Andrade. She also uses a pseudo-Russian accent for Pacifica Ocean.
    • American Vanessa Marshall voiced British Dr. Strangelove.
    • American Catherine Taber voiced the Parisian ornithologist CÚcile Cosima Caminades. As a result, when her character had to actually speak French, she would simply sound like an American woman attempting French.
    • American Grey DeLisle voiced the Nicaraguan Amanda Valenciano Libre.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • In the Japanese dub, Paz is voiced by Nana Mizuki, and she had the honour of singing the first image song for Metal Gear.
    • In the English dub, Paz is voiced by... Tara Strong, who also voiced Rikku from Final Fantasy X (whom coincidentally Paz shares a similar face model with).
    • Kazuhira Miller sounded like Gintoki, and so Cecile sounded a bit like Sacchan.
    • In English, Miller's voiced by... no, not Cam Clarke, but Robin Atkin Downes, aka Travis Touchdown and Medic. His delivery is pretty darn similar to Cam Clarke's Miller, though. There's also some Fridge Brilliance in not casting Cam Clarke: Cam Clarke never voiced Miller himself, but an imposter posing as Miller.
    • Chico is voiced by Kikuko Inoue, who voiced Jaime Seed in Snatcher, Karen Hojo in Policenauts, The Boss in Snake Eater and Rosemary in Sons of Liberty. And since cute boys are not her usual forte, this counts as playing against type.
      • In English, Chico (Antony Del Rio) is Pit.
    • In the English dub, Cecile (Catherine Taber) is Padme Amidala.
    • Strangelove is voiced by the same voice actress and model of Raging Raven, Yumi Kikuchi, in Guns of Patriots. On a related note, Strangelove is also voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who voiced Olga Gurlukovich in Sons of Liberty (whom she bears a slight resemblance to), and EVA in Portable Ops.
    • Hot Coldman is voiced by the same voice actor as Sigma from the Mega Man X series and one Kinzo "DESIRE" Ushiromiya in the Japanese Version. In America, he is voiced by H. Richard Greene (AKA, Congressman Robert Royce from The West Wing)
    • Amanda sounds like Temari or Nana Osaki.
    • Amanda's English VA is Azula.
    • Donna Burke, the singer who sings "Heaven's Divide" is the voice of Raising Heart.
    • Ramon Galvez Mena is voiced in the Japanese version by Agent Smith.
    • The AI weapons are Hatsune Miku. They use Vocaloid voice synthesizers, but it's the voice of Yumi Kikuchi and Christine Kogure in the Japanese and English versions respectively.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Both Akio Ohtsuka and Mugihito (the respective Japanese voice actors of Snake/Big Boss and Hot Coldman) had also voiced and interacted with each other in Mega Man X 7, playing Red and Sigma.
  • Shown Their Work: Aside from the usual Metal Gear research posturing, Strangelove wears men's clothing, as indicated by the buttons being on the right side (as opposed to the left).
  • Talking to Himself: In the English version, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Deputy Secretary of Defense are both voiced by Grant Albrecht.
  • Teasing Creator: The only possible explanation for the two "date" missions. Hideo Kojima is laughing at all of us. Fortunately, we can laugh along with him.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Kojima originally had no intention to direct Peace Walker. He intended to write only a rough outline of the game's plot and leave the rest to his younger staff, much like he did with the previous PSP games in the series (the Acid series and Portable Ops), but he changed his mind when his younger staff did not understand the story's theme of nuclear deterrence.
    • A dinosaur version of Metal Gear RAY, named Gear RAY, was supposed to appear alongside Gear REX during the Hunting Quests.
    • The train that Snake was supposed to stop the shipment of nukes by the Peace Sentinels was originally intended to be a playable level. If the storyboards are of any indication, that train would have ended up being shot off the tracks and plummeting.
    • Peace Walker was originally supposed to heavily resemble Metal Gear REX, down to the railgun and even the design of its hangar was supposed to mirror REX's hangar on Shadow Moses.
    • Paz and Zadornov would have been discovered earlier to not be trustworthy (especially Paz), where Paz and Zadornov are overseeing its construction, and Big Boss discovers their affiliation to the Peace Sentinels by eavesdropping from a window in a manner very similar to how Solid Snake eavesdropped on Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot's conversation in Metal Gear Solid before Coldman finds and surrounds him. Coldman was intended to be killed by Zadornov alone with a gun to the head, and at some point later, Paz would actually do the very same to Zadornov before hijacking ZEKE. If some of the storyboard sketches were anything to go by, Big Boss was apparently going to actually lead his troops on a sneaking mission rather than going in alone. An entire character model, the AI lab workers, who were implied to be of German origin, was also cut.
  • Write Who You Know: CÚcile is a based on the former communications manager for Konami France in name and appearance.
  • Working Title: Was titled Metal Gear Solid 5 early in development.

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