Trivia / Melissa & Joey

  • Actor Allusion:
    • Mel and Joe enter a local version of Dancing with the Stars; both actors appeared on the real show at different times.
    • During the halloween episode, Joe points out one of the guests at a party:
      Joe: Hey, a teenage witch. Why didn't you try something like that?
      Mel: Eh, been there, done that.
    • Joe also goes 'Whoa!' a few times and comments it's been a while since he's done that. This was his character's trademark catchphrase in Blossom.
    • Joe refers to Mel as his fake fiancée during the episode Joe Versus the Reunion, which is also the title of an earlier television movie the two starred in together.
    • In the Dancing With The Stars episode mentioned above, Mel's assistant gets Mark Ballas to agree to dance with Mel. Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas were dance partners on Dancing with the Stars.
    • Lennox's blog is called Lennox Explains it All.
    • Lennox gets selected to be a model. Taylor Spreitler (Lennox) used to be a model.
    • In one episode, Ryder says "One of those days I'm gonna run away, build my own house in the woods, and then you'll be sorry!" Which is the plot of the movie The Kings of Summer, Nick Robinson's (Ryder) first starring role in a movie.
  • The Danza: Melissa Joan Hart as Mel Burke and Joey Lawrence as Joe Longo. Heck, even the title of the show is this as it is Melissa and Joey as opposed to Melanie and Joe.
  • Directed by Cast Member: So far Melissa Joan Hart has directed "All Up In My Business," "Can't Hardly Wait" (also Actor Allusion, as she appears uncredited in the movie of the same name), "Plus One" and "Catch & Release," while Joey Lawrence has helmed "Bad Influence," "Couples Therapy" and "Born To Run."
  • Old Shame: Mel's old 'party girl' image.
  • Playing Against Type: Melissa and Joey's characters, moreso Joey, have opposite personalities to their characters in My Fake Fiancé, the movie that probably gave them this show.