Trivia / Megazone 23

  • Defictionalization: So now Virtual Idols like Eve actually exist, huh?
    • And they DO have naturally greenish tinted hair.
  • Dueling Dubs: The series' history of English dubs is quite interesting:
    • Let's start with the 1986 release of Robotech: The Movie from Harmony Gold and The Cannon Group. Carl Macek was unable to get the license to Macross: Do You Remember Love? to use for a Robotech film, so he got Megazone 23 instead and retooled footage from Part 1 to tie-in to Robotech since it had the same character designer and was animated on 35mm. The entire film was recorded twice before Cannon was happy. In the final version, the dialogue had little to do with the original script, the character names were changed, many scenes were omitted, and scenes from Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross were spliced in, all due to Executive Meddling. A new ending was also animated by the original producers to end the film on a more positive note. The film never made it past test screenings in the US due to it being considered too mature for children, but was released to some success in Latin America and Europe. It has never been officially released to home video in it's complete form, but many a bootleg can be found among Robotech fans.
    • An English dub of Part 2 was also done by Harmony Gold in 1987, but with a partially different voice cast and completely different set of character names. This "International" dub was done as a "teaching tool" to assist Japanese speakers learn English, and was included with the Japanese laserdisc release. Interestingly, this dub's opening scene splices in footage from the "retooled" ending of Robotech: The Movie.
    • Carl Macek and Streamline Pictures later gave Part 1 a straight dub in 1994 with some of the same voices as the "International" Part 2 dub, as well as the Robotech film, but with all the original character names and dialogue. They intended on doing Parts 2 and 3 as well, but Orion Pictures' corporate problems resulted in all Streamline releases being halted. There's a rumor that a Streamline dub for Part 2 was produced and screened at a convention, but this hasn't been proven real.
    • Manga UK released a pretty straight dub of Part 3 on VHS for the UK in 1995 that was also shown on the British Sci-Fi Channel. Of course, the voice cast for this was completely different.
    • It wasn't until 2004 that the entire trilogy was finally given a consistent dub, this time by ADV Films.
  • The Other Darrin: In the original Japanese version, Shogo's voice changed from Masato Kubota to Kazui Yao between Parts 1 and 2. Eve's voice changed from Kumi Miyasato to Saki Takaota between parts 2 and 3.