Trivia / Mega Man 9

  • Shout-Out: The yellow fish that Splash Woman summons are based on Flounder from The Little Mermaid, which is convenient as Capcom made the NES and GameBoy games for the film.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Through the years, people have found all the references, little touches and unused data they could in this game, but Capcom insists that "one last secret" exists.
  • What Could Have Been: Oh boy! All of the Robot Masters, save for Magma Man all had different names while in development: Cement Man (Concrete Man), Weather Man (Tornado Man), Plasma Man (Plug Man), Diamond Man (Jewel Man), Space Man (Galaxy Man), while originally, Splash Woman was going to be a boy (Ocean Man) and Hornet Man was going to be the first female Robot Master (Honey Woman).
    • There was some initial discussion of Capcom running a limited release of the game on an actual NES cartridge, as it was designed to run on NES hardware, not just to mimic the 8-bit look. This was partly scrapped to prevent the game from being dumped and pirated on any number of emulation sites. Not that this stopped piracy on modded Wii consoles, but still... And of course the costs of producing game carts for a long-dead system would've been quite high.