Trivia / Mazinkaiser

General Trivia

  • As mentioned on the main page, it was created for the Super Robot Wars series as a Mazinger equivalent to Shin Getter Robo. In its debut in F Final, it was literally Mazinger Z evolved through the Getter Rays. In the entire Alpha timeline, it was changed to be the prototype Mazinger (the inverse of the later OVA, where it was the final Mazinger). The actual Mazinkaiser OVA would eventually debut in GC/XO, with Judgment, W, and L including both it and the Great General of Darkness sequel. The original OVA also was included in X Omega.
  • What truly came as a shock to SRW fans was the announcement of Super Robot Wars X, which includes the original SRW-created Mazinkaiser being used by the Shin Mazinger-version of Koji, meaning it gets to fight alongside Mazin Emperor G (its Great Mazinger-based "successor" created for V) against Mazinger ZERO, complete with the former two performing the newly created "Majin Soukougeki" on the latter. Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny at some of its finest.


  • Dawson Casting: Hiroya Ishimaru was 60 years old when he voiced 17 year old Koji Kabuto in Mazinkaiser.
  • Fan Nickname: "Shin (真, True) Great Mazinger" for the original Great that Tetsuya Tsurugi pilots near the end of the OAV, since it's revealed the one he used at the start is an inferior copy of Juzo Kabuto's original, just like the Mazinkaiser.
  • No Export for You: Subverted; this was literally the only Mazinger Animated Adaptation to cross the Pacific uncut until Discotek licensed the original Mazinger Z and available quite cheaply packaged with Shuten Doji.