Trivia / Mazes and Monsters

  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Despite getting pretty much everything else wrong in regards to role-playing games, the movie perfectly captures the "Dungeon Master Thousand Mile Stare of a hardened DM taken aback at just how fucked the player is and realizing how boned the whole campaign has become in an instant.
  • Colbert Bump: This page didn't even exist before Spoony reviewed the film.
  • Old Shame: Tom Hanks, as he hadn't quite broken out of television yet. Of course, since he still had The Money Pit in his future at the time of this film, he'd have some more shame to go around.
  • Referenced by...: The author of Knights of Buena Vista promises to be more accurate about roleplaying than this film, despite being only an intermittent player of these games.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Inevitable given that New York City is relevant to so much of the film. In addition to the opening of the film driving right past one of the former Helmsley hotels that dominated the city (the hotel that bore her name is now a Trump hotel), a major plot point revolves around the Twin Towers. The film's perception of games and computers is also hopelessly rooted in the early 80s (especially the idea that computer games don't exist.)