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Trivia: Max and Dave Fleischer
  • Directors: Dave Fleischer was credited as director on every single short the Fleischers made. It should be noted however that, according to the account of animator Grim Natwick, Dave was not a traditional director in the same hands-on sense as, say, Chuck Jones from Looney Tunes. While he did not plan the layouts, he did plan out the key poses, timing and voice recordings, and his impeccable gag and story sense are unmistakable hallmarks of his influence on the cartoons. Unfortunately, when he began having to direct the two feature films the Fleischers made, he had less time to oversee the work on the cartoons, resulting in some animators directing in his steed.
  • Public Domain: By sheer serendipity Paramount just didn't care enough to renew back when it mattered almost the entire output of the original Fleischer Studio has fallen into the Public Domain, including the classic Popeye and Betty Boop shorts. This is why those giant video collections of random Golden Era shorts you find in dollar bins tend to have a lot of Fleischer material.
    • This does not, however, apply to most of the characters themselves. For instance, Popeye is still as he was then owned by King Features Syndicate (E.C.Segar died in 1938, so his copyrights would normally have expired by now; however, KFS holds trademarks on the franchise).

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