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Trivia: Maus
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Just imagine how Maus would have been with Anja's diaries if Vladek hadn't destroyed them.
    • In addition, Art asks his father about the letters of his French friend (a frog) from the camps they corresponded after the war. Vladek regretfully mentions he destroyed those too.
    • Art mentioned he turned down offers to have the comic turned into an animated movie - it's even alluded to in the second volume.
    • It was originally going to be one volume, but Spiegelman wanted to get it out ahead of the release of An American Tail, a movie also featuring Jewish mice. Spiegelman has publicly accused the directors Steven Spielberg and Don Bluth of plagiarism, though beyond using cats and mice as a metaphor for racism the similarities between the two works end there.

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