Trivia / Matt Fraction

  • Money, Dear Boy: Fraction shamelessly admits that the only reason he writes mainstream is to have funds to write his creator-owned comics.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: His early titles at Marvel, like his X-Men run, have been criticised for bland and often sexist potrayal of women. Today Fraction is known for writing three-dimensional, well-developed female characters. Some may notice his portrayal of women improved greatly after birth of his daughter and him complaining he fears comics industry as it is now is one in which a little girl would feel unwelcome. He apparently decided to fix it, starting from himself.
    • He's said that he knows, one day, his daughter is going to ask him how he can bear to work in an industry that treats women so poorly ("how could I sell her out like that") and he's not exactly ready for that day.