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Trivia: Master Ninja
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: A young, pre-fame Demi Moore as the first Girl of the Week.
    • Timothy Van Patten went from a wooden and incomprehensible actor to Tim Van Patten, HBO's house director, helming numerous episodes of The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, Sex and the City, The Pacific, and Boardwalk Empire, and the series premiere of Game of Thrones. He co-wrote one of the most famous episodes of The Sopranos (the one where Christopher and Paulie get lost chasing the Russian through the woods,) for which he won a Writer's Guild of America award. He can put that next to his Emmy, Edgar Allen Poe Award, and two Director's Guild of America awards. You can see how he looks and sounds now (bald with a goatee and only the slightest trace of his mumble) in this behind the scenes look at Boardwalk Empire.
    • Sho Kosugi was the martial arts star of the mid-1980's, in such films as Enter the Ninja.
    • "State of the Union" featured a young Crystal Bernard, fresh off of her brief run on Happy Days.

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